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Digital Marketing Campaign for fictional event (Wind Racers Horses) - Term Paper Example

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The products that are offered by the corporation deals with different conditions and situations in horses. The conditions that the product deals with include culming, blood builders,…
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Digital Marketing Campaign for fictional event (Wind Racers Horses)
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Download file to see previous pages The main product that the company deal in is hygain balanced. This product can perform all the mentioned function and take care of the situations.
The marketing for the product is majorly done through the website. The plan of the communication would involve considering different aspects. Cost is much essential in the planning. The company will consider the general cost of the campaign whether it will be expensive. The campaign should be cost efficient (Ryan and Calvin, 63). The much to be involved in reaching a given number is considered. There should be no much wastage. Influence is also considered in the planning. A website that is used should be that that can reach a large number of people who need the horse product. Personalization of the message in the website is also much considered. The credibility of the communication on the horse product is seen as such that the information is widely accepted to be accurate. Planning of the website advertisement should consider the control. The site information should be able to reach the targeted horse owners or those that deal with the animal product (Ryan and Calvin, 102). The planning on the website advertisement is done in stages. The objectives of the communication are identified and set. The appropriate budget is made such that the cost of the transmission is defined. The company should then decide on what they want the audience to know about the product and its impact on their horses. The targeted audience are then decided, and they should be those that deals with horses.
Hygain Feeding Company produces hygain feed for horses. The pellets are fed are highly rich in vitamin E and selenium that are required by the horses for cell health, minerals, proteins and amino acids that are needed for muscle strengthening and muscle development. The product contains biotin for hoof and also coat health. The product has been improved such that the contents of the pellets also act as blood builders. The promotion of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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