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The essay analyzes the Fashion Marketing & Management. Fashion marketing and management, as an alternative course of study is interesting, as it prepares students for careers in international fashion industry and allows students to work closely with fashion…
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Major Fashion Marketing & Management
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Fashion Marketing & Management Fashion marketing and management, as an alternative of study is interesting, as it prepares students for careers in international fashion industry and allows students to work closely with fashion organizers and fashion industry professionals. Fashion marketing and management allows students to develop diverse skills allowing them to grasp fully and appreciate business management and marketing in the fashion industry. The major has three major areas aimed at enlightening the students that are management and marketing, creativity, and fashion. Key topic areas within the course are customer promotion and communication, innovative project planning in the fashion industry, professional practice, and planning for success in an innovative fashion industry. A major in fashion marketing and management incorporates in the learners the skills to manage issues in the global environment and prepares them for roles in the global fashion industry.
There are career opportunities for graduates including being a fashion manager where one is involved in increasing awareness and publicizing a particular brand. Other Career opportunities for an individual majoring in fashion marketing & management are retail buying, product development, entrepreneurship, allocation and planning, and visual merchandising (Grose, 86). Merchandising, public relation, and sustainable fashion supply and marketing are the other career opportunities available for students taking a major in fashion marketing and management. Knowledge of digital marketing increases the chances of an individual getting a job for fresh graduates in the fashion marketing and management major.
Fashion marketing and management major is interesting because of its grounding in fundamental business skills including brand management, supply and value management, strategic planning, ethical fashion, sustainability, leadership, and change management in both local and global scale. The other reason is that it allows the development of knowledge on fashion industry management product sourcing, and innovation and technology incorporation n fashion industry.
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Grose, Virginia. Concept to Customer. Lausanne, Switzerland: AVA Pub, 2012. Read More
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