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In his book “Life, Dont Miss It”, Gary Kunath presents the readers with the idea of living a good life by giving his personal account of how he learned to live a happy life. In most cases, people focus on their net worth and forget to live their lives in the best way they…
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Life, Dont Miss It
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Life, Dont Miss It In his book “Life, Dont Miss It”, Gary Kunath presents the readers with the idea of living a good life by giving his personal account of how he learned to live a happy life. In most cases, people focus on their net worth and forget to live their lives in the best way they can. They become obsessed with becoming rich at the expense of their happiness. Ideally, the main reason for making enough money is to derive life worth, but do rich people have life worth? Someone can have enough money, but fail to have a good life. Rich people often focus on their net worth so much that forget their private and social lives. Therefore, in order to live a happy life, one must choose wisely between net worth and life worth.
One area in Kunath’s book that evokes strong interest is the idea of time. The author narrates how he almost forgot his own life by focusing almost all his energy on work forgetting little things, which make life complete. The author presents to the audience how having fun is healthy for the body both physiologically and psychologically. Indeed, the only way to derive joy is by doing things for fun for the love of doing them or because they offer a fascinating challenge. Fun is crucial for the overall body fitness and also boosts social networks of individuals. However, no one can really achieve this without proper time management. Anyone would concur with Kunath that everyone wants life worth, but they are oblivious of how to obtain it. Life worth basically refers to having enough to live a happy life. Time is a key factor in determining one’s happiness. People often have a mountain of things to do in a limited span of time, which calls for proper time management. Living life to its fullest requires one to have complete control over his or her time.
Another interesting part of the book is where external rewards drive people to overwork themselves creating no free time to enjoy their lives. People are often motivated by external rewards such as job promotion, salary hikes and employment benefits, which usually pin them down to work, work and work. There is usually an inner personality that tells people that only activities with external rewards, especially money, are worth pursuing. However, living a happy life entails what one likes doing rather than what pays highest external reward. Creating a maximum leisure period in one’s life is vital for reinforcing his or her life enjoyment quotient. The little things that do not pay directly, those things that have no external rewards, but make the body feel satisfied within and build up our self-esteem, are crucial elements of building life worth. However, challenging, people need to rethink their goals and ascertain if what they are currently doing make them happy or if they transform them into their own slaves. External rewards often drive individuals into life of slavery without even knowing. Life intelligence, require people need to master the skills of improving their happiness. Therefore, time factor and internal identity that pushes individuals to pursue external rewards are some of the most interesting pieces of information in the book, owing to the fact that they directly impact of the nature of life that one lives. As the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Read More
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Life, Don'T Miss It Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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