Executive Summary for Samsung Galaxy S3 - Essay Example

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Over the past five years, key indicators such as revenue, gross profit and margin, net income, and stock price have doubled or in some cases even tripled. Samsung has two separate marketing…
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Executive Summary for Samsung Galaxy S3
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Executive Summary Samsung Electronics Company is one of the leading electronics companies in the world. Over the past five years, key indicators suchas revenue, gross profit and margin, net income, and stock price have doubled or in some cases even tripled. Samsung has two separate marketing groups: Korea and the rest of the world. These markets can be broken down into three categories: accelerator, turning, and advanced. One of Samsungs strengths is the advanced technology it possesses; this gives the company a competitive advantage over many of its rivals. In terms of weaknesses, Samsungs products cannot compare to Apples in terms of durability and software capacity. One opportunity that Samsung has is the success of the SIII mobile phone. This product has recently become the worlds greatest selling smart phone, so there is an opportunity to extend this product line. In terms of threats, there are many new products in the market, such as HTC One X, Blackberry 10, and also phones that use the Windows 8 system. Samsung is positioned in the market to reach young people who want to look cool. Samsungs main competition for this market is the iPhone 5, which is superior to the SIII phone on many levels. Samsungs products will be distributed through local retailers in all 50 U.S. states. Samsung also competes with Apple in the tablet market. Samsung has released its Galaxy Tab to compete against the Apple iPad. However, the SIII will continue to be the flagship model for the brand for some time yet. Read More
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