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 The writer of this essay "The Components of a Good Marketing Strategy" discusses he would use a forced-choice technique that identifies the priority of attributes within a product that influences customers’ purchase behavior. The essay analyses effective marketing strategy. …
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The Components of a Good Marketing Strategy
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Speed would speed up the process of value addition and also expedite the development of a new product. It greatly facilitates in putting effective measures to reinforce the behavior that they have identified with the customer’s changing preferences and priority.
Advertisements are the other key facilitators that not only create a need for new products but also help to increase the demand for existing products. While quality and relationship building are critical elements of marketing, the advertisements help to reinforce the need for the product and thereby hugely influence consumer’s purchase decisions. I would, therefore, use various media to promote the product. The various media in the region become vital tools to popularize the product. They also introduce ideas and help establish a distinct need amongst the target customers. Television is one of the most dynamic platforms for advertising goods and services. The innovation of idea that is creatively translated into an advertisement on the television can successfully turn viewers into customers. Read More
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