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The paper "Inclusive Marketing Plan for Eclectic Institute" highlights that the magnitude of the study will be based on the available financial support and human resources. The central objective of the research is to develop a practical and realistic marketing plan that can stand historical challenges…
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Inclusive Marketing Plan for Eclectic Institute
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Extract of sample "Inclusive Marketing Plan for Eclectic Institute"

The main objective of this study is to create an inclusive marketing plan for Eclectic Institute that will suit in the current market situation and facilitate in the form an effective market penetration tactics that will boost the institution’s sales. Being a prevalently recognized institution, the Eclectic Institute ought to have one of the most effective and realistic marketing strategies in the contemporary global market. The research intends to incorporate the existing marketing plan in the Eclectic Institute into the institution’s mission of providing high-quality products that are obtained from fresh and raw materials, and ethically researched products for potency and efficacy.
The researcher will utilize emerging marketing journals and newsletters to collect relevant information for the development of a successful marketing plan. The research will also rely on global and local specialists to get an insight into the current global market situation. The organization management will play a decisive role in facilitating the researcher with a broad evaluation of the institution’s marketing situation. To generate a quality plan, the study intends to use experienced research assistants and marketing thinkers.  Read More
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