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Marketing Plan for Whey Protein Producer - Case Study Example

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The paper contains a marketing plan project of the company that deals with the supply of optimum whey protein to customers in the market for bodybuilding products. The company supplies the product to the global market as opposed to the domestic market only…
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Marketing Plan for Whey Protein Producer
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Extract of sample "Marketing Plan for Whey Protein Producer"

Download file to see previous pages Large retail stores: include supermarkets and large chemists. Large retail stores occupy the least market share and are the smallest customers of optimum whey protein. These products are available in supermarkets in large quantities. This offers a tremendous opportunity for the sale of optimum whey protein to the market.

Consumers have become price-conscious and have developed a need for affordable health products. Optimum whey protein will meet such a need by offering the products at cost-effective prices. Recent market research studies indicate that consumers are also very conscious of their health and the content of what they consume (Brewer 95). Optimum whey protein contains high levels of proteins and fewer carbohydrates that maintain good health. It also has very few side effects on consumers hence favorable for consumption.

In recent years, consumers in the market for health products have shifted their preferences to demand more products with natural tastes. The consumers have also increased their demand for products with high levels of proteins as they aim to boost their health. This is a wonderful opportunity for optimum whey protein to thrive because it contains high levels of proteins and low levels of carbohydrates. There has also been the entrance of new health products which have increased competition in the market. In the last five years, there has been an increase in the demand for optimum whey protein among young professionals. This can be attributed to the fact that most of them are making efforts to keep their bodies healthy.

The growth of the market for optimum whey protein is estimated to be about 5 percent each year. This growth has been consistent in the last five years and analysts record that the market may grow by 7 percent in the next five years (Brewer 57). The market growth has been characterized by increases in demand especially among athletes in the field of bodybuilding. The product has recorded an increase in usage among bodybuilding athletes because it contains high levels of protein, which is an important supplement for bodybuilders. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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