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The paper 'McDonald’s Fast Food Industry' focuses on McDonald’s is the industry leader in the fast-food industry. The firm which is considered a blue-chip company which employees over 1.5 million people across its massive chain of nearly 31,000 restaurants worldwide…
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McDonalds Fast Food Industry
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Since the company is fragmented into independently owned restaurants the company does not utilize a universal human resource framework. One of the HR tools the firm utilizes is strategic integration. The utilization of strategic integration creates consistency in the application of HR practices through the organization. The organization applies a combination of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ human resources approaches. McDonald's is a flexible organization that adapts to the specific market and business condition of the environment.
The application of ‘hard’ human resources practices ensures that each franchisee is able to meet its business objectives including achieving a good profit. The ‘soft’ human resource approach within McDonald's is utilized in order to motivate employees and empower them to achieve high levels of performance.
McDonald's utilized a combination of both hard and soft HR practices. The adaptability of the company enables the firm to achieve a competitive advantage. As a global organization, McDonald's realizes that it is important to attend the needs of all its stakeholders which include the community, environment, and its employees among other groups. The ability to satisfy the stakeholder’s demands has enabled the company to gain acceptance from stakeholders groups across most countries in the world. McDonald's is a publicly-traded enterprise and one of its primary objectives is to maximize shareholder’s wealth. As we move forward into the second decade of the 21st century McDonald's will continue to succeed as long as the firm maintains an emphasis on the importance of its human capital. Read More
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McDonalds Fast Food Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 329 Words.
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