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Marketing Methods in ALDI Company - Research Paper Example

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 The purpose of this research is to determine the effective marketing methods that ALDI can adapt to target its main and most important consumers. The paper discusses how to effectively build customer trust with ALDI in Australia and cultivate the so-called ‘customer loyalty’ phenomenon. …
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Marketing Methods in ALDI Company
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Extract of sample "Marketing Methods in ALDI Company"

Download file to see previous pages The term ‘all’ is highly ambiguous and it is a known fact that retailers succeed only as long as they are able to attract the purchasing decision-makers or those which highly influences them. ALDI can, therefore, be seen as facing the problem of determining the proper avenues for continuously attracting these decision-makers. This is compounded by the fact that Australia’s socio-demographic composition is increasingly becoming diverse due to a migration of Asian nationalities to study and to work in this highly developed nation.
The purpose of this research is to determine the effective marketing methods that ALDI can adapt to target its main and most important consumers. This is not to say that ALDI is not doing a good job of marketing within the Australian market of the southern area in which it operates. Rather, the proposal seeks to identify and provide opportunities for improvement in addressing its core customers based on the analysis of data gathered from secondary literature in an expansion, marketing management, and financial controls. Although differentiation is important in this market, it is also important to be very clear in a specific target market.
The objective of the current proposal is to get ALDI to pay better attention to providing better measures for particular customer segments in Australia such as that of busy mothers with children. In terms of busy mothers, this target market may want different things from the product when compared to other customers for any number of reasons. For example, single, non-family buyers are buying the ALDI products directly for themselves while busy mothers are buying the products for their offspring. This should lessen the product side of the marketing mix of the grocery chain in terms of the customers’ individuality and slant it more towards the mothers’ good sense.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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