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International Marketing: Entry Strategy - Term Paper Example

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In section one of this paper, the focus is directed towards answering why it is that a company may choose to enter into a foreign market specifically the entry strategy employed. Section two highlight a case of a Lidl company that has entered into a foreign market in the last three years…
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International Marketing: Entry Strategy
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Extract of sample "International Marketing: Entry Strategy"

Download file to see previous pages Specifically focusing on what type of entry was employed, as well as providing an analysis of the risks, advantages and disadvantaged will also be examined. The essay will conclude with a series of recommendations that the company in question should employ to potentially have a higher level of success in the foreign market.

The focus of this section will address the fundamental question of why a company may choose to enter into a foreign market, followed by certain strategies that they might employ. Secondly, this paper will look at many of the issues that a company must consider before making an internationalization strategy.

According to Dunning (1998), Companies have basically three separate motives for pursuing an internationalization strategy, which is market seeking motives, resource or asset seeking motives and/or efficiency-seeking motives.

In the case of the market seeking motives, according to a recent article by Schwartz and Saltmarsh writing for the New York Times (2009), a great deal of the future growth in the world economy will be seen in emerging economies specifically the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

Companies that are based in developed economies that have economic growth rates that are stagnating may choose to pursue a strategy of entering a foreign market simply because there is expected to be a higher rate of return in the emerging market. This strategy can be considered a market seeking a motive. By extension, it may also be the case that by expanding into a new market, companies may gain exposure to a vast market base. One example of this would be Nestlé which is a company based in Switzerland. If the company were to specifically focus on the domestic market they would have exposure to approximately 7.7million customers (CIA WorldFactbook,2009) By expanding their operations to include a nation such as China, the company would have exposure to more than a billion potential clients. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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