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The Prospect of Social Marketing - Coursework Example

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The paper “The Prospect of Social Marketing” analyzes the main trends of the actual discipline -public investment in health intervention, the conservation of the environment and the regulation of human reproduction. Unfortunately, sometimes the marketers' good intentions don't find public support. …
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The Prospect of Social Marketing
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Extract of sample "The Prospect of Social Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages Marketing scholars acknowledge that the fundamental objective of marketing is to affect behavior, regardless if that behavior is buying a McFries, flying Southwestern Airlines, practicing safe sex, or regularly having one’s child vaccinated. In each scenario, marketers establish programs to encourage these behaviors. Some programs, such that of the National High Blood Pressure Education Program of the United Airlines, are stable. Others, similar to numerous new breakfast cereal introductions, and some medical interventions are more temporary in existence.
This assumption that marketing embodies a validated and potentially extremely powerful technology for encouraging socially favorable behaviors is the engine stimulating the development and growth of what might be termed as ‘the social marketing movement’ over the last two decades. This movement has constructed social marketing as a unique sub-discipline within the common area of academic marketing. Simultaneously, it has led to the embracing of technology by a broad range of private, public, and non-profit organizations. Social marketing is at present adequately established that it has received its approval and criticisms (Farmer 2002). For instance, Wallack (1990) claimed that social marketing is unusually costly and time consuming its framework which is characteristically individual-level falls short to eliminate the harmful environments that are the real sources of the behavior it is attempting to modify. Wallack (1990) put forth media support as the primarily cost-effective means to encourage essential social changes. He asserted that the success of social marketing remains incomplete.     
In spite of the constructive skepticism of its opponents, social marketing is at present both expanding and widening its market saturation. Because of this, it is necessary for those who have a feeling of custodial obligation for the discipline to guarantee that this development and progress is constructive. The challenges confronting the discipline rely on whether one is widening or expanding the application.          ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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