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Fast Food Industry Marketing Towards Children - Essay Example

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This essay describes fast-food industry and it's marketing advertisements and strategies used towards children all over the world. It also discusses fast-food effects on childhood and obesity levels, explores corporate social responsibility policy mostly using McDonalds as example…
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Fast Food Industry Marketing Towards Children
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"Fast Food Industry Marketing Towards Children"

Download file to see previous pages This essay deeple analyzes not only fast-food market and it's effects on everyday life of children, but also focuses on political and philosophical purposes of such market. The political agenda brings us to identify “problems” with capitalism: the creation of multinational conglomerates that “don’t care about its customers”. These require us to ask if the “harms” this food present morally require government regulation and censorship. Advertising, that is discussed in this essay simply does not have the coercive power which critics allege. Marketing cannot force products upon the innocent, vulnerable, and gullible children. It may be useful to distinguish the advertisement—a simple statement of words—from action in a purchase. The nature of advertising and marketing precludes any possibility of coercion when it comes to persuading children to convince their parents to buy them products which, if used in excess, can be incidentally harmful. The blame for childhood obesity rates lies with parents and those who control what children eat. The absurdity of the claim that a corporation, constantly concerned with what is necessary for maintaining its very existence, is responsible for what children eat is so obviously absurd that it need not be discussed. In conclusion, claims about marketing to children rely on untenable philosophical doctrines like determinism, misconceptions of persuasive advertising, and mischaracterizations of the adolescent human being are discussed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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