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Advertising Analysis: The Consumers Attention - Essay Example

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An essay "Advertising Analysis: The Consumers Attention" reports that advertisers have discovered that there are various emotional appeals that can be made that insinuate themselves below our rational thought process to appeal to the inner animal within.  …
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Advertising Analysis: The Consumers Attention
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Extract of sample "Advertising Analysis: The Consumers Attention"

Download file to see previous pages Advertisers use image and text to appeal to consumers’ ‘sub-rational impulses and desires,’ Jib Fowles outlined 15 basic appeals he’s identified as commonly used by advertisers to grab the consumers attention through their primal awareness. By taking a close look at one particular advertisement, by Nivea for a special type of new lotion, it will be shown how advertisers sometimes use more than one appeal to draw the consumer in. The overall color scheme of the advertisement is a general golden brown. The golden aspect is highlighted by a blurry trail of random lights in the background that contains insufficient detail to place it in any particular environment. A quick glance at it may serve to suggest the outline of a woman in the negative space between the two actual people, but this impression can be fleeting at best because looking directly at these details does not provide the same sensation. The foreground of the advertisement shows a woman, perhaps in her mid-20s, in a playful attitude and in casual dress. She is positioned to the left side of the image (as one is viewing it) and her body faces out as if she is in motion to something more interesting than hanging out on the inner pages of a magazine. But her head is tilted back in toward the center of the image as she playfully peeks over her shoulder at the man who is pictured somewhat behind and to the right of her. Her dark hair is casually free and loose and her clothing depicts a casual summer feel as well. She is wearing a grey tank top gathered up at the waist to show a flirty bit of midsection and a gauzy white skirt low on her hips and perhaps with nothing more than a string tie at the waist holding it up. The man in the picture seems completely focused on this woman and seems to represent the upper middle class set in his pristinely white yet still casual white button-down shirt and black pants.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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