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Public Relations and Relationship Marketing in Hospitality - Term Paper Example

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This paper is a critical assessment of the evolution of public relations. It also deals with the evaluation of relationship marketing in the hospitality industry. The effectiveness of public relations and marketing in the hospitality industry is clearly evaluated in this paper. …
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Public Relations and Relationship Marketing in Hospitality
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Download file to see previous pages Research shows that throughout history public relations were used. One of the people that used it includes Georgiana Cavendish. 1
This was during the 18th century. She used so many approaches like lobbying the business. This she did with the help of her friends. She also incorporated press relations in her public relations venture. There are also many other people throughout history that used public relations. For instance, the American precursors carried out the promotion of circuses. In fact, research shows that public relations were started in the United States. This was done such that the railroads were supported. Research shows that Railway literature book was the first to be reported to have the term public relations. This was in the year 1897.
The public relations today have gone through many changes since the initiation. New techniques have been incorporated unlike what used to happen before. For instance, there is the use of focus groups. This was never carried out initially but rather a much generalization was done. When the public relations are carried out a specific group of people is targeted. For instance, the loyal customers in the organization can be a target group. 2
There is also the use of new technology in making sure that information reaches the clients. For instance, since the nineteenth century, the internet has really been used in remitting information to clients. There is also the use of satellite feeds in public relations. Today people need vast knowledge like economics and management principles to carry out public relations. For efficiency and effectiveness, basic communication skills knowledge has to be studied by the concerned managers. Even video productions are widely used by various organizations. Nowadays many organizations have got a public relations department that deals with all the issues concerning the public in general.
When the above evolution of public relations is evaluated one realizes that there used to be a limitation in the communication because the technology was not advanced at that time.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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