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Nike Just Do it advertising campaign analysis - Essay Example

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This essay describes and analyzes one of the most significant and successful advertising campaigns "Just Do It" by Nike. Nike aspires to be world’s leading sportswear company through providing its customers with quality athletic footwear and apparel. …
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Nike Just Do it advertising campaign analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Major trends in marketing Global marketing has witnessed several trends that have revolutionized the ways companies inform and persuade customers to start using their products and services. One of the trends is the shift from mass media advertising to specialized media that caters for personalized consumption patterns and segmentation of the market in terms of income levels, tastes and preferences (Batra, Myers and Aaker, 2009). In this case, Just Do it campaign initially focused on the mass market through appealing to target audience regardless of income, age, and sporting activities. However, Nike shifted the campaign to niche markets such as athletics sports, football and young generation who prefer fitness through seeking celebrity endorsements (Batra, Myers and Aaker, 2009). Another trend is the use of data-based marketing as opposed to focus marketing thus Nike has shifted its efforts to market research activities that aim at identifying the consumer incomes changes, changes in tastes and preferences (Shah, K & D’Souza, 2009). Accordingly, the internet and new media channels like YouTube, direct marketing through e-mails and digital platforms like twitter and online discussion forums have enabled Nike to cut its advertising costs on traditional media and focus on new media channels that elicit high feedback and interest among consumers. Web-based marketing has enabled companies to reach the global market due to instance response and its ability to elicit responses. Another major trend in marketing is the event marketing that entails face-to-face conversations via trade shows, live events and corporate meetings (Carbasho, 2010). Nike uses several sporting events to...
This essay " Nike ‘Just Do it” advertising campaign" analyze Nike's commercial and why it become so successful. Nike aimed at attaining several objectives with the ad campaign. First, the company wanted to gain brand awareness and recognition during the fitness craze in order to gain market share in the American market. Accordingly, the company aspired to create good relations with potential consumers through providing inspiring messages and encouraging consumers to pursue their dreams. At the same time, Nike was geared at informing the consumers of the benefits of fitness, sports and benefits that could be derived from purchasing Nike’s athletic shoes and sporting apparel. Accordingly, the use of the slogan in merchandise such as school bags and jumpers was geared at creating primary demand for the non-sport and Nike-related commodity market through demonstrating the value of Nike products. Advertising aims at positioning the product in order to create a distinctive impression on the minds of the consumers and assign an intangible value to the brand. Accordingly, Just Do It ad aimed at linking the social lifestyle in America with the brand’s image through making consumers understand Nike cares for their health and wellbeing. In addition, Nike aimed at winning back the previous customers who had shifted to competitors like Adidas and minimise the existing negative attitudes towards Nike products). Nike sought to build brand loyalty in a friendly manner and increase sales among the existing consumers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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