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Quality improvement in real estate - Term Paper Example

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COMPANY ANALYSIS QUALITY IMPROVEMENT IN REAL ESTATE Background and History of the Company The line of business that I own and manage is Real Estate and the name of corporation that I own is Archon & Goldfield, Inc. The business model of the company is inspired from one of the most renowned US real estate firm, Cushman & Wakefield…
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Quality improvement in real estate
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Download file to see previous pages Vision – The vision of the company is to become one of the most reliable and preferred real estate firms. The company aims to provide most innovative and creative services to our valued customers consistently. Mission – Mobilizing and delivering best services on basis of our vast knowledge, human resource talent, and by taking most informed decisions. The core values of the company are, Trust and collaboration Respect Integrity Identification of Active Quality Programs The company implements quality assurance and control systems based on latest available technologies and ISO standards that are widely recognized internationally. The decision to adopt ISO standards were made keeping in mind future overseas expansion. The company carries out extensive research to identify the necessary areas of improvement related to quality assurance and control concept. The process involves surveying the active quality programs of other private real estate firms. The company has dedicated research department that works with talented employees in respective domains. The company’s active quality programs, primarily centered on internal control and quality assurance, are strategically planned keeping in mind all the current legal aspects. One of the most challenging tasks for a real estate firm is to acquire land without any hassles. The success of the firm will depend on how effectively the company identifies controls, manages and improves their active quality programs. Thus, processes must be repeatable and measurable and only then areas of further improvement could be identified and necessary steps may be taken for improvement. Some of the active quality programs initiated by the company are, Deming Cycle Analysis – The cycle may be broken into four phases namely Plan, Do, Study and Act. As discussed earlier, the company has dedicated department for research and analytical activities that specializes in this sort of activities (Evans, 2013, pp.157-158). Seven QC Tools – The Company uses these tools, as per requirement client requirements, to chart and identify logical sequences of activities, flow of information and materials. Lean Sigma – The Company integrates improvement methods in order to increase efficiency, reduce defects, wastes, and variances. Brief Explanation of Job As the owner of Real Estate Corporation, it is my responsibility to oversee every active operations of business. In broader perspective, my job includes business planning (drawing business strategy), planning Human Resource and marketing strategies; ensure efficient customer service and management of financial resources. More specifically, as the owner of corporation it is my duty to constantly motivate managers and employees with effective leadership skills targeted at maintaining employee commitment. All projects are passed after my final approval but they are initially analyzed by the project manager. The finance manager prepares annual budget after consulting with me and other co-founders. I am also the Executive CEO of the company that helps me to regularly communicate with employees of all stages of hierarchy, understand their problems, appreciate new ideas, and create a more cooperative environment. The constant interaction with all levels of the company helps to enforce greater control and responsibility over business. Identification of Major Processes of Engagement The company provides commercial real estate services to customer group ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Quality Improvement in Real Estate Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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