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Social Network Name of the Student: Name of the University: Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Research Methodology 3 Data Analysis 9 Introduction 9 Appendices 24 Demographic Data 24 Response Data 26 Research Methodology 1.1 Introduction In this section, the researcher will shed light on the research methodology that will be used in order to address pertinent research questions…
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SPSS Analysis & Methodology Section
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Download file to see previous pages as an Internet marketing tool by the companies. • To examine the evidence about the benefits of using social networking websites as communication tool. Details of the methodological implications will be highlighted in the following sections. 1.2 Research Approach Saunders, Lewis & Thornhil (2007 & 2009) pointed out that researchers should select any one of the research approach from available approaches such as, 1- Correlation Study- understanding the relationship between variables is the key aim in such kind of studies and 2- Causal Study- finding out the reasons behind the variation in the behaviour of variables is the key reason behind such kind of research approach. As the researcher is trying to understand the role of social networking websites such as Facebook and twitter on increasing effectiveness of Internet marketing tool for companies hence the researcher will use correlation approach to find out what is the relationship between effectiveness of Internet marketing tool and social networking website penetration. ...
1.3 Research Strategy Creswell (2009) stated that there can be three types of research strategy for researchers such as, 1- Quantitative research strategy- gathering primary data by using open ended and preferably close ended questionnaire or secondary data with the help of literature review, case study etc and then analyze the data by using mathematical and statistical operators, 2- Qualitative approach- gathering data from secondary sources or open ended questionnaire based interview, observation, ethnography and then analyzed data in non-numeric manner, 3- Mixed strategy- combination of both qualitative and quantitative research approach. Saunders, Lewis & Thornhil (2007 & 2009) argued that quantitative research strategy works well for establishing new theory or explaining a social phenomenon but the research strategy works poorly for measuring the relationship variables in absolute manner. On the other hand, Bryman & Bell (2003) also found that quantitative research can be used for finding the relationship between variables in definite manner. As the researcher has also planned to understand the role of social networking websites in digital marketing which is a definite phenomenon hence the researcher will use quantitative research strategy in the study. 2.3 Unit of analysis and Study setting Robson (2011) stated that while conducting quantitative data analysis, researchers need to set the confidence interval high enough to get correct research findings. Saunders, Lewis & Thornhil (2009) suggested that 95% confidence level with significance of 0.05 can be used in case of academic research. Hence, the researcher will also use the 95% ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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