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Social Network Sites - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Social Network Sites” the author focuses on social network sites (SNSs) like Facebook, Bebo, Cyworld, and My Space, which have attracted millions and millions of the abusers, many of them have incorporated these social networking sites in their day to day activities…
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Social Network Sites
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Extract of sample "Social Network Sites"

Download file to see previous pages  “A social networking site can be defined as an online service that is based around the building and reflecting of social relations among individuals with common interests or social ties (Boyd & Ellison, 2007)” (Social Networking Sites; More Harm than Good? 2011). These sites also offer the wealthy basis of naturalistic behavioral information. Linkage and profile data from these sites can be assembled either in the course of the use of automated gathering techniques, or in the course of datasets offered directly from the organization, facilitating network investigation, investigators, to explore significant patterns of practice, friending, and various types of other noticeable indicators and ongoing an investigation trend that commence with the examinations of websites and various other blogs. Figure 1. Timeline of the launch dates of many major SNSs and dates when community sites re-launched with SNS features” (Boyd & Ellison n.d., p. 6). All these social networking sites differ slightly but one of the main features is that all of them facilitate the user of the sites to generate a profile in the website to symbolize themselves, and permits users to interact through messages, emails and various types of communication channels in the sites. The popularity and development of these sites over the past 5 years have been huge, as numerous populaces from all over the earth join up to these kinds of social networking phenomenon for diverse reasons. Social networks sites help ease of recognize the theft and helps to bring to light the various privacy issues, in addition to a decrease in face to face communication skills and confidence level. As social networking sites turn out to be more popular by the day, the increases of various negative social results inside our humanity are also extremely great. These types of sites also have an enormous negative and harmful impact on our social and mental health and continue to be so in the future too. It is also at the present evident presently that all the sites facilitate all these harms that will adversely affect the overall living style and working atmosphere of the people. So it is unquestionably true that all those social networking sites lead human beings to harm than good. Workplace Interference: Social networking sites can have various types of negative impact in the place of work, for employers, workers, and future workers. They create interruption, decrease efficiency, cost organizations money, jeopardize the reputation of the organizations, and also cause legal liability. If each worker in a 50-strong labor force spends 30 minutes on various social networking site daily, that would work out to a loss of almost 6,500 hours of output in one year.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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