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Project (Samsung Group) 5 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Method An appropriate and effective research method is required in order to outline fundamental principles of several positive research incidents. There are two types of research methods, such as quantitative and qualitative research method…
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Project (Samsung Group) 5
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Project (Samsung Group) 5 Quantitative and Qualitative Research Method An appropriate and effective research method is required in order to outlinefundamental principles of several positive research incidents. There are two types of research methods, such as quantitative and qualitative research method. These two research methods generally encompass various research approaches that determines the positive research outcome based on behavior and nature of collected data. Quantitative research evaluates and analyzes several numerical data. Quantitative research method analyzes information and data based on several delegate samples within a vast populations’ number. It helps to convince the readers through the analysis of large scale of numerical data (Maylor & Blackmon, 2005). Qualitative research method deals with in-depth feelings, motivation, attitude and behavior of people. Several assumptions and estimations associated with this research method can lead to several key social facts. Several researchers generally implement qualitative research method in marketing research based on the exploratory nature of the study. Samsung is one of the leading electronics organizations across the globe. The study will determine the impact of Samsung Group’s value chain strategy on the brand image of Samsung in global competitive market. Considering the topic and research objective of the study, it can be stated that qualitative research method will be effective for this study based on the exploratory nature of the research. The research work will deal with people’s several in-depth emotional elements. In addition, there is no need to consider large sample size in this research. Based on the above facts and justification, it is clearly identified that the researcher needs to implement qualitative research method in order to draw significant research outcome. Research Design Objective of this research is to determine the impact of Samsung Group’s value chain strategy on its brand image in global market place. The study will consider the attitude, belief and opinion of the individuals towards the brand. It is true that, several types of qualitative research approaches can be undertaken for several marketing researches based on various orientations. These are interpretative research approach, language oriented research approach and theory building research approach. Interpretative research approach thoroughly describes and interprets several key social phenomena that are focused to the central of the research. On the other hand, theory building research approach identifies the relationship between several key social phenomena. Language oriented approach determines the language and meanings of the words (Kolb, 2008). Based on the interpretative approach and exploratory nature of this study, interview process has been selected for major data collection method. Interview Process Qualitative interview process is the interaction between the interviewers and interviewees. It depends upon the particular topic of the research studies. Interview process helps the researchers to utilize the information and data for further research. Interview process will be flexible enough for this type of research work. There are three types of interview structures, such as structured, unstructured and semi-structured interview process (Lyons & Coyle, 2007). Semi-structured interview process has been selected for the purpose of the research as this process will help to enrich several collected data obtained from interview. Measurement Scale In research methodology and statistics, scale of measure or level of measurement are specific types of data that develop in scale type’s theory. The concept of measurement scale was developed by Stanley Smith Stevens. There are four types of measurement scales, such as ordinal measurement scale, nominal measurement scale, ratio measurement scale and interval measurement scale. Ordinal and nominal measurement scales are generally applied in qualitative research methodology. On the other hand interval and ration measurement scales are generally applied in the quantitative research methodology. Nominal measurement scale differentiates between subjects or items based on their nominal categories and several qualitative classifications. Ordinal measurement scale allows for specific rank order that helps to sort the data. Moreover, it does not support the relative degree of difference between several subjects or items. On the other hand, interval scale supports degree of difference between subjects or items. Ratio measurement scale estimates the ratio between unit magnitude and continuous quantity magnitude. The objective of the study is to determine the impact of Samsung Group’s value chain on its brand image in global market place. Moreover, qualitative research method has been selected based on the exploratory nature of the research. Ordinal measurement scale has been selected in this study as this measurement scale will help to provide effective research outcome based on the opinions of respondents. Moreover, ordinal measurement scale will help to find out true facts based on the response during interview process. Effective comparison between several facts will help the researcher to outline expected research outcome. References Kolb, B. (2008). Marketing Research: A Practical Approach. London: Sage. Lyons, E., & Coyle, A. (2007). Analyzing Qualitative Data in Psychology. London: Sage. Maylor, H., & Blackmon, K. (2005). Researching in Business and Management. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Appendix: Interview Questions Name: Occupation: Age: Nationality: 1. What are the future demand growth prospects of products? 2. Is it necessary to develop new products through product improvement or processing strategy in global market? 3. Are the distributors willing to buy more products? 4. What are the competitive advantages of Samsung Group? 5. Can the products be offered to the end-customers at attractive competitive price level? 6. Does the organization have effective management capacity for innovation? 7. Is effective workforce, inputs, infrastructure and raw materials sufficiently available? 8. Does the organization avail sufficient financial services? 9. What is your perception about the quality of products? 10. Share some recommendation plans to improve Samsung Group’s overall business process. Read More
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Project (Samsung Group) 5 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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