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This paper looks at the marketing strategy of the Electronic Appliance maker and marketer, Samsung. It analyzes the company and its strategy using analysis techniques like SWOT and PESTEL. This paper also analyzes Samsung’s company strategy compared to its competitors to give an understanding of the company from different perspectives…
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The Electronic Appliance Maker And Marketer (Samsung)
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Download file to see previous pages No company is a unique entity independent of its external environment. These factors influence how a business operates and compiling a pest analysis generates valuable information to analyze a company’s business environment as a whole (Johnson, 2008). Political Despite the political situation being conducive in the majority of the countries where it operates, Samsung faces serious, political threats in its countries of operation. The political climate in South Korea has recently become a perturbing for Samsung, and the company faces similar political instability in North Korea (Michell, 2010). The situation is not as grave as that in some of the countries where it operates. In African and South East Asian countries, Samsung is experiencing a discrete limitation due to the harsh business environment. The company enjoys favorable political conditions in countries like china and India, allowing it to build a better focus and concentrate on the markets. South Korea's relations with China have improved recently, creating a favorable business environment for Samsung. Taxes in China are also low, and the Chinese tariffs are on a declining trend (Michell, 2010). Economic Since entering the China market, Samsung posted its first profit in 1911 and 23 of its local manufacturing companies achieved a cumulative surplus in 2000. The company started to formulate a new business strategy for undertaking its business in china at the group level after the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States (Luo, 2001). The attacks highlighted how the company’s reliance on the US market left it vulnerable. Samsung reconstructed its global strategies around china in order to overcome the...
This paper approves that Samsung is an established comprehensive manufacturer of electronic components and parts, therefore playing a significant role in the electronic industry. Its competitive strategy, vision and mission have focused on differentiation and cost leadership. Samsung statements have included continuous development leadership and competitive production costs with high quality being one of its major strategic items. The company has been investing on strengthening its cost competitiveness and restructuring its production mix. It is constantly improving its innovation, quality, and customer service to stay competitive. Strong innovation is a key priority for product differentiation and Samsungs manufacturing system focuses on flexibility, quality, and retaining balance to attain the core of problems faster. This strategy is critical in the company’s effort to attain international recognition as being a leader in the industry. The company also stresses on securing the latest level of technology and quality assurance at the highest standard possible in attempts to continue improving reliability.
This report makes a conclusion that the company has developed a strong structural integration which includes production, procurement, marketing, and research and development. Through this everyone in the company shares information and logistics on a real-time basis to support organizational downsizing, management renovation and engineering concurrently. Samsung has insisted on sticking to its purchasing policy in obtaining superior quality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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