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This essay Consumer Behavior: Observational Research Term Paper talks that the notion of conducting market research is one of the key constituents for a marketer to determine the consumer behavior. Research can be conducted in two ways i.e. by using primary and secondary research methods…
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Consumer Behavior: Observational Research Term Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This report declares that there are three vital aspects that affect the buying behavioral pattern of the individuals at large. These are social, cultural and personal factors. It can be apparently observed that people belonging to all income groups often visit shopping malls to buy products. In the present day scenario, the shopping malls have developed into multi-stored structures that sell a huge figure of goods or services. It is very much convenient for the individuals to buy various sorts of food items from a food court located in a shopping mall. People can find varied delicious food items at a single place from a food court which generally attracts individuals belonging to different social class to buy their preferred options. Thus, it also facilitates to save their time and effort as well.
This discussion stresses that the observation for a period of four weeks was conducted in the month of June’ 2013. The introduction as well as the execution of observational study method was quite useful in gathering a wide variety of information relating to the behavioral patterns of the consumers in deciding which food items to buy at a food court. It is to be affirmed that different sorts of observational behavioral phenomenon or aspects have been taken into concern. These comprise physical actions such as the pattern of shopping, verbal behaviors such as sales conversion or exchange between a customer and store-in- charge, expressive behaviors such as facial expressions as well as voice modulations and temporal patterns like the amount of the time that a customer spent while buying the food items. The important variables or aspects that have been used for the study embraced the food items purchased by the consumers, the time as well as the frequency of their purchase, the behavior of buyers at different stalls and the difference in the pattern of order making. In the study of business research, the phenomenon of observation is often regarded as a systematic procedure of recording the behavioral patterns of the people, objects and most vitally determining the frequency concerning the visit of the people at a food court situated in a shopping mall. In this process, no communication and interaction of the people is required. The phenomenon of observational study method has been used in order to record as well as witness valuable information impacting the decision of the people towards which items to buy at a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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