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Marketing Report for the Library of Birmingham (E- Marketing) - Essay Example

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BIRMINGHAM LIBRARY Instructor Institution Submission Date Executive summary The Birmingham public university stands among the most reputable library institutions in the world today owing to its institutional framework, which offers a wide coverage and a wide range of services to the public (Blalock, nd, p…
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Marketing Report for the Library of Birmingham (E- Marketing)
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Download file to see previous pages 7). The institution has a good reputation within the industry, which aids it in matters of competition. Besides, the institution runs under the framework of strategic mission and vision, which identifies with the local government, which places it in a position to participate actively in matters of development and growth of the city and region at large. Besides, the institution enjoys sound leadership by the board who champion the vision and objectives of the institution. Sound governance structures aid in ensuring the resources of the institution are effectively utilized. The existence of active marketing department has been very instrumental in revolutionizing the operations of the institution through the transition from the traditional methods of service delivery to the modernized digital systems of service delivery (Department for culture, media and arts, nd, para 1-2). Introduction The education and research sector in the modern day living has evolved greatly with high competition being noted in such services as the library services, teaching techniques as well as learning modes. Library services in particular have faced much revolution within the technological age. Changes are noted in shift in use of electronic materials for learning as compared to print materials/modern day era (Sridhar, 1989, p. 1; Balasubramanian et al, 2012, p. 1). Competition in the institutional or public library services has been notable in matters relating to the facilities in use, the building structuresthemselves as well as the learning materials available. Moreover, security, ease of access, the cost implications in utilizing the library services as well as the level of modernization in terms of adopting technology in offering the services. Digitization of learning materials such as books as well as other publications has shaped the direction of the modern day library services. The use of technology to search and retrieve the study materials from physical as well as online libraries have greatly revolutionized the research and learning in the modern times. This therefore implies that competition within library services has concentrated more on standing out in terms of offering more modernized services. People have adopted digitallearning where unlike in the past where people carried print material while learning from the library services, the modern day learners and researchers are using digital media suchascomputer systems, and other digital gadgets to access and read from a library. Online hosting of library services has helped increase the ease of accessibility of library learning materials overcoming the limitations of physical location, the time barrier where a person can now easily access specific library materials at the convenience of one’s location and at whatever time (24 hours). Other dimensions notable in the evolution in library services has been in marketing strategies within libraries. New dimensions in marketing the services of libraries have been revolutionized where modern day advertizing strategies such as through websites and through digital modes in social media platforms have been greatly acknowledged and adopted. Subscription to personalized alerts of services ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Marketing Report for the Library of Birmingham (E- Marketing) Essay)
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