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Evolution of multinational companies (telecommunication companies) - Personal Statement Example

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Evolution of Multinational Companies (Telecommunication Companies) Name of the Student University Table of Contents Chapter I: INTRODUCTION 3 1.1Background 3 1.2 Research Problem 4 1.3 Rationale of the Study 4 1.4 Research Aim and Objectives 5 1.5 Research Questions and Hypothesis 5 Chapter II: LITERATURE REVIEW 6 2.1 History of Telecommunication 6 2.2 Business Strategies of Telecommunication Companies in 1990s, 2000s, and after Recession 7 2.3 Impact of Multinational Telecommunication Companies on Different Countries 8 2.4 Modern Telecommunication Industry and their Strategies 9 Chapter III: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 10 3.1 Type of Research Method 10 3.2 Data Collection Methods 10 3.3 Validity an…
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Evolution of multinational companies (telecommunication companies)
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Download file to see previous pages However, the modern picture of telecommunication has changed. Now telecommunication signifies complex telephone networks, internet-linked computers, mobile phones, and web based systems which interlink the cities, and connect the world. Not many years have passed, when telecommunication industry was only under the power of developed nations and mere regional operators. In the past decade this industry has gone through rapid innovation and evolution. In many countries the government did not allow private telecom companies, but privatization has crept in every country in this sector (Kirkman, 2002). The traditional markets of telecommunication has gone and like the seamless telecom connections, the companies in this in industry are doing flawless business, which is not bound to border of the countries. The telecom segment is a profit-oriented business segment, so companies are attracted towards income investments, as this type of investments assist in providing steady growth and dividends, and also generate cash flow even after the payment of dividends. However, all the telecom companies around the world do not function on similar strategies. It differs on the basis of geography, political environment of the country, business model, etc (Olawale IGE, n. d.). In this study the telecom MNCs would be considered as a core for discussion. In order to evaluate the condition and performance of this industry since its evolution till today, a critical analysis of the literature would be done. The literature review is based on the objectives stated for the study and the research questions chosen for the research, so that the literature review can support the research study with authentic theoretical background. 1.2 Research Problem The telecommunication industry around the world has shown tremendous growth and development in the past few years. However, the research problem that has been chosen for this study is related to evolution of the multinational telecom companies, the effect of these companies on the economy and society of different countries. Issues like business strategies of these companies, and effect of recession would be also included. Due to excessive penetration of telecommunication in developing and even under-developed countries, there might be certain negative effects too, which would be discussed through this study. 1.3 Rationale of the Study Communication has become a lot easier due to development and expansion of telecom companies around the world. These companies have created a seamless global environment, where connecting to people around the world has become easy and cheap. A study which presents a complete demonstration of the telecom multinational companies (MNCs) around the world would be appreciated. Apart from this, evolution of these companies, assessment of their negative effects, and analysis of their business strategies would assist in answering several questions. The researchers interested to conduct research on similar industry can seek lots ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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