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Global Marketing report 2 - Essay Example

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Global Marketing Executive Summary This study is prepared with the intent to focus on the relationship of Nestle with its customers and suppliers while entering the beverage market of Pakistan. The main purpose of the study would be the improvement of relationship of Nestle with its suppliers and customers…
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Global Marketing report 2
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Download file to see previous pages Service recovery to a service failure would help in restoration of the brand image of a company and also help in development in smooth relationship between the customers and company. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Relationship Development 4 Market Segment & Supplier of Nestle in Pakistan 4 Selection of PBL as Beverage Supplier 5 Methods of Relationship Development 7 Benefits to Nestle from PBL perspective 11 Effects of Supply Chain Crisis 12 Crisis Response Management 13 Rationale for Crisis Management 14 Conclusions & Recommendation 14 References 16 Introduction The main purpose of this study is to assess the relationship of Nestle team with the suppliers and the customers of Pakistan. The study has focussed on the various stages of relationship development between the suppliers, customers and the Nestle, Boost. One of the main objectives of the study would be to focus on the various models that would help in successful establishment of the relationship. However, the researcher of the study could not find the exact statistical data regarding the consumption of beverage in Pakistan. There were no other limitations in conducting the study. The study has laid emphasis on the distribution services of the Pakistan Beverage Ltd of Karachi department. Relationship Development Market Segment & Supplier of Nestle in Pakistan The stiff competition in the marketplace has compelled the companies to improve their existing business activities and resource allocation to maintain their profitability, increase their market share and sustain their annual turnover. Boost is the chosen nutritional drink for entering into the Pakistan. The target market segment for the Boost would be the children aged between 06 to 12 years, teenagers and the young adults. Market segmentation has been done after evaluation of the beverage market in Pakistan. The beverage market in Pakistan is very established and there has been an increase in the beverage consumption in the people of Pakistan. In the year 2011 the people had spent $1.3 billion on carbonated beverages and later in the year 2012 Coca Cola decided to invest $248 million in Pakistan (Tirmiz, 2012). The soft drink industry in Pakistan has been long associated with sports as it has always been promoted by cricket players. The target market segment has been chosen because of their love for sports and Boost being a sports nutritional drink would appeal to this target customers. The Pakistanis are very particular about food hygiene and cleanliness and had decreased their consumption of bottled water which contained high levels of contamination (BusinessWire, 2012). Since, Nestle is an established brand in Pakistan it is important for the company to select an established supplier who can promote the brand benefits and enhance the brand personality further. The successful corporate resource allocation has become essential in restructuring the business process of the company. The successful resource allocation depends upon the suppliers to a large extent. The selection of the suppliers would be to strengthen the relationship with the management, to enhance the market position, broaden the customer base, market targeting etc. Hence the selected supplier for the Nestle, Boost would be Pakistan Beverages Ltd (PBL). PBL had launched a local beverage known as Pakola which still holds a strong market position in the Pakistani beverages market (KCCI, 2013).They acquired Pepsi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global Marketing Report 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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