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Internet & Interactive Media - Essay Example

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Internet and Interactive Media – Marks and Spencer (M&S) Introduction Internet and interactive media are constantly playing crucial role in the success of organizations all over the world. With the rise of awareness of customers towards the internet, most organizations have transformed their businesses in order to attract quantity of customers towards the organization…
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Internet & Interactive Media
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Download file to see previous pages This would help to evaluate the organization as well as the area of focus of the company in such competitive environment. Secondly, the creation and development of the brand image would be taken under consideration. This indicates that the sources that the company constantly uses would be assessed and evaluated in order to find the factors that have helped the organization to survive and grow in such cut-throat retail environment. Content would also be taken under consideration after this. In content, the area of focus would be to evaluate the organization’s marketing mix that has helped the organization to attract the customers over long period of time. This would also help to evaluate that how does the company constantly update its marketing mix in order to remain fresh in the eyes of the customers. Creativity and design are often the most important factor in success. This creativity and design would be evaluated to identify the modes or tools of advertisement used by the organization to create awareness and gain customer’s attraction in the market. In addition, the reduction of clutter in the world of advertisement would also be evaluated under the same heading. E-commerce has gradually entered the corporate world which makes the evaluation of e-commerce of M&S quite crucial. The evaluation of E-commerce would help to indicate that whether e-commerce is just a primary objective or secondary objective. In addition, the use of mobile strategy is at its peak due to which this factor would also be taken under consideration during the evaluation of e-commerce. Next, the assignment would aim to evaluate and identify the ways through which the organization develops relationship with the customers in the market. Furthermore, the type of buzz marketing used by the organization would also be evaluated which would help to identify the reasons which led the organization to survive and grow over such long period of time. In addition, the presence of organization on social media would also be included and evaluated under this particular heading. Next, the data mining outside of purchases of the organization would become the spotlight of this assignment. It would help to evaluate all the sources used by the organization to accumulate the data gathered through sales promotion, personal sales, direct mails and programs introduced by the organization. This would be followed by evaluation of public relations. This would help in the evaluation of the organization’s ability to provide the customers with relevant information regarding the company along with the products and services offered to the customers. In addition, it would also help to evaluate the ways in which the organization communicates with its target audience in the market via its website. Lastly, this assignment would evaluate the use of other IMC elements used by the organization i.e. traditional media to create awareness regarding the company’s website. This would also help to identify the reasons for the use of traditional media while other more effective sources are available in the corporate world. Marks and Spencer Overview Marks and Spencer is one of the leading retail organizations in UK. The prestige and reputation of the company can be evaluated through 21 million customers visiting the retail outlets each week. The company not only provides the customers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Internet & Interactive Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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