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Deepwater Horizon explosion (April 2010) -Transocean Company - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Deepwater Horizon Explosion (April 2010) - Transocean Company Deepwater horizon refers to the semi- submersible drilling unit owned and operated by Transocean Company that is located in the Gulf of Mexico. On 20th of April 2010, it exploded during the drilling process killing 126 workers while leaving others with injuries…
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Deepwater Horizon explosion (April 2010) -Transocean Company

Download file to see previous pages... This resulted to the loss of about five billion oil barrels through spillage but luckily, the situation was contained in 15th of July 2010. The discharge of crude oil had many negative effects such as damaging fisheries and their habitats as well as disrupting the economy (Guttry, 291). The oil spill, which is termed as the largest in the history of America, resulted to the damage of property worth forty billion US dollars. Since the damage was so big, it attracted the president’s attention where he responded by appointing a commission to inquire the causes of the spill (Guttry, 291). Reports state that even after the several response actions taken to control the impacts of explosion, the well in the Gulf of Mexico is still leaking. Although the estimated leaking rate is three million liters per day, some scientists argue that it is higher. The restriction by the government for scientists to establish the effects of the spill has raised ethical issues of government providing information to the public. Ethical questions that were raised concerned the effect that the spill had on the eco system for example, the seabirds could be poisoned. In terms of legal, it was clear that the wild animals did not have any form of legal protection after the oil spill. Even though the major goal of any business is to make profit, it also has the right of making sure that its actions conform to the expectations of the society in terms of law and ethical custom (Halbert, 11). The Transocean Company should also put in place a number of safety measures that protects the environment in the event of fire or oil spill. After the explosion, company was also unable to pay dividends to the shareholders and many investors lost trust in the company during the year 2011 (Halbert, 13). The tourism business of Florida was affected negatively and the repair measures by the company could not restore the tourist attraction sceneries damaged by the oil spill (Halbert, 17). The company’s reputation was also damaged to the potential investors and to the society when they realized that the operations of the company were not inclined towards ensuring safety to its workers and the environment. After the explosion, the US president issued a drilling moratorium to regulate the drilling operations. The Energy National Board, which is located in Canada, also made it mandatory that all the drilling companies should produce their set of defined safety measures as a process of controlling oil spill damages. Moreover, the National Contingency plan (NCP) was enforced whose role is to provide the federal actions in response to an oil spill (Hagerty, 07). The response action could be the demand of the company responsible for oil spill to compensate the affected parties. Since the disaster of oil spill was one of the greatest in the US history, the event attracted a number of responses and reactions from the government, private companies, and Non-profit making organizations. As required by the government, the Transocean committed itself to pay twenty billion US dollars as a way of settling the claims resulting from the damages caused by oil spill. The major damages caused by the oil spill were on property, physical injuries and even death of the workers (Guttry 293). It is therefore evident that the drilling operations in deep water are very risky and the government as well as the industry should make safety of the workers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assessing & Analyzing the Impact of the British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
BP Oil Spill 12 Impacts of Media 13 Risk Analysis 15 Political Analysis 15 Economical Analysis 15 Sociological Analysis 16 Technological Analysis 16 Legal Analysis 16 Environmental Analysis 17 Stakeholder Analysis 17 Recovery and Continuity Plan 20 References 20 British Petroleum (BP) – An Overview British Petroleum (BP) Plc.
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The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Timeline…………………………………………………………....3 b. Costs…………………………………………………………….....4 c. Disruptions…………………………………………………………4 d. Force majeure………………………………………………………5 III.
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Deepwater Horizon of Bp (British Petroleum) Environmental disaster in Gulf of Mexico on April 20/ 2010
Due to the development in the field of science and technology, the world nations are less concerned about preservation of nature. On the other side, conservation leads to unrestricted exploitation of renewable and non-renewable natural resources. The Environmental disaster in Gulf of Mexico is one of the greatest manmade disasters.
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Risk Management
The BP Deepwater Horizon disaster was to present a spill of national significance that resulted in the loss of eleven lives, presented damage amounting to billions of dollars and was to affect the Gulf of Mexico region in complex ways due to the continued flow of hydrocarbons into the Gulf for eighty-seven days.
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Finance - British Petroleum
The sales and other operating revenues of the company during 2010 were $297,107 million, with human resource strength of 79,700 employees (Bp.com, 2010). The British Petroleum (BP) share prices have been at its lowest level prior to its rising by the end of July 2011.
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The Impact of Oil spills on our Eco-system
The incident occurred on April 20, 2010 after an explosion on the BP owned and licensed, Transocean Drilling rig, Deepwater Horizon, sent millions of gallons of oil gushing towards the Gulf of Mexico; claiming over 11 lives in the process (The Guardian, 2010).
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Case study of: BP and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster of 2010/analyse the organisational behaviour issues at BP that contributed
Reported to have originated with an Englishman, William Knox D’Arcy, whose proceeds from a fruitful oil exploration enabled him to establish the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC), BP went through phases which included selling 51% of its shares to the British government; becoming privatized; becoming nearly bankrupt twice, and regaining its organizational strengths through a series of mergers with other oil companies (Ingersoll, Locke and Reavis, 2011; BP, 2012).
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Risk management Failure
The disaster is arguably the largest marine oil spill – approximated at between 8 and 31 percent more impact – in terms of the area affected and the volume of coverage, compared to the earlier Ixtoc I spill (Robertson and Krauss 2010). The impacts of the explosion and the sinking of the oil rig included the loss of eleven lives and the flow of sea-floor oil gusher for 87 days, before it was controlled on the 15th of July 2010 (Robertson and Krauss 2010).
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The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico for BP
217). Apart from killing more than ten people, the oil spill caused a lot of harm to the sea animals, fishing, and tourism industries. Additionally, it was reported that it also caused human health complications which can still presently be felt. For instance,
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Case Study of The Deepwater Horizon Disaster
British Petroleum (PB) is the company that is held responsible for the oil spill. Divergent opinions on the oil spill illustrates that the complex inter-organizational systems in the oil drilling process enhances the complicated aspect of accountability. In such context,
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