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Market/Social Research Name Institution Background The onset of the financial crisis in the Britain was signaled in 2007 when the country’s fifth largest mortgage provider, Northern Rock, sought support from the Bank of England. Imperatively, the United Kingdom population was among the first people to be exposed the problems of financial institutions…
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Market & social research - research proposal
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Download file to see previous pages The financial crisis impacted negatively on the savings of the British public as most banks lost the savings entrusted to them by depositors. According to Buckley, one of the major contributors to the global financial crisis was the untenable rise in subprime mortgage lending (2011). Part of the reason for the rise in subprime mortgage lending is attributable to the government’s own efforts to win votes and popularity by making it easy for the public to buy homes. Also, the banks rode on this high risk debt products due to their potential to generate immense profits. The banks leveraged the mortgage loans with credit default swaps and the mass failure of borrowers to pay back led to added levels of debt on the banks’ books of account. Ultimately, the culmination of mass defaults led to the financial crisis. Due to globalization, the financial crisis had a negative impact on many countries since the world economies are interconnected. The credit crunch had cross cutting effects that affected virtually all sectors of the economy. This led to social economic changes that had direct impact on the British public (Akinbami 2011). This paper will evaluate the British public attitudes towards the banking sector after the financial crisis. ...
The onus is upon the financial regulatory agencies to establish the public attitudes and implement strategies to ensure that the financial sector is positively perceived by the public (Hodson & Deborah 2009). The needs of bank customers are evolving rapidly and it is therefore necessary for banks to put in place futuristic plans that can effectively cater for the evolving needs of their customers. Objectives 1. To investigate the public’s attitude towards the banking sector after the financial crisis. 2. To establish the public perceptions on who is to blame for the financial crisis 3. To identify the information that the public receives in regards to the banking industry in the United Kingdom and how this information affects their attitudes towards the banks 4. To establish the consumer trends in the banking sector and the evolving needs of the bank customers 5. To identify the banking products that the customers will need in twenty years time. Limitations The domain of the study comprises of all the public and it is difficult to access all the domains of the public. Suffice to say, the research will be restricted to a sample of the public selected through convenience sampling. It is also notable that numerous changes have occurred in the banking sector after the financial crisis and new factors may contribute to the public attitudes towards the banking sector. Research Design It is important that the opinion and attitudes of the members of the public should be correctly observed and recorded. This research will adopt a pragmatic philosophy in order to effectively collect information about the perceptions and attitudes of the public. It is important to that the nature of the research problem demands for multiple views to appropriately answer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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