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Why Should a Firm Cooperate with an Advertising Agency - Coursework Example

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The paper “Why Should a Firm Cooperate with an Advertising Agency?» describes the stages of developing an effective ad strategy for a client company, developing a media plan, testing on a small reference group, placement in relevant media, monitor the effectiveness of the advertising campaign etc. …
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Why Should a Firm Cooperate with an Advertising Agency
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Extract of sample "Why Should a Firm Cooperate with an Advertising Agency"

Download file to see previous pages At Keller Advertising Agency we employ competitive professionals who are able to organize, create as well as place an advertisement to meet the objectives better than any company. 
We do extensive market research and thus we are able to build an effective advertising strategy that will help you capture the market share as well as build a stable relationship with the consumers creating customer loyalty and help in building the company brand. With our knowledge of the eReader market coupled with an innovative and unique approach to the market, we are able to engage, capture the attention of the target market and enhance their interaction with the new product thus creating a relationship with the brand. At Keller Advertising we go at greater lengths to please our clients by ensuring that they have a great strategic vision that will steer them towards strategic success for their business in the global market.
Our strategy is your strategy and this is what guides as to intriguing, competitive and ultimately successful campaigns. Our main aim is to inform and persuade the consumers on the new product through communicating ideas and information about the product in a way that will create a memorable experience for the consumer and enhance brand recognition. What counts most in campaigns is the message and we have talented experts who ensure creativity and logic. Finally, we provide a follow up after implementation of the campaign to ensure success. 
An effective product name is one which is simple and easy to remember and thus will help in selling the product during marketing. A good product name should have the following characteristics be unique and thus distinguish the product from its competitors, hold appeal for the target audience, imply the benefits of the brand, create customer loyalty through bonding with the company, motivates the customers to purchase, can buy the image of the product and name and have symbolic association which fortifies the company’s image. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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