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3 Monthly Business Plan Working as a Sales Consultant - Essay Example

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Casino business has always been a tricky business in the past and owners have constantly been faced by challenges here and there. However, the few who managed to be successful in the business passed through a lot of hardship to reach there…
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3 Monthly Business Plan Working as a Sales Consultant
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Download file to see previous pages These days, with a correct business plan, a successful casino business can be established (Stukey 2011, p. 6). Objectives The purpose of this casino business plan to be established in Disbury Manchester includes the following: 1. To retain the existing and attract new clients. 2. To attract cooperate clients. 3. To increase profits made by the casino. Background Disbury Manchester is a place with a large population of people and a lot of youths and old people. The general economy of Disbury Manchester is good and with a prior knowledge of the existing casino business. That means that the general population knows about the gambling business and the casino business at Disbury Manchester would not be a new thing. In knowing ones target group, many casino have established specific clients for their business (Stukey 2011, p. 50). Clients play a very important role in any business and hence casinos with many clients that are financially stable are the best kind of clients to have. Disbury Manchester being a place where people have the spending power, such has been directed in the casino business too and has brought a lot of profits. By proper advertisement and marketing strategies, many casinos have ended up being successful. With a proper business plan, any casino business could maximize its management and increase its profits (Stukey 2011, p. 12). Statistical evaluation In any gambling scenario, if in having clients with a higher financial capability to spend, means the casino business would boom. Such would be attracted to the casino business following the means stated below. In addition, with proper advertisement and marketing, a given casino business would also boom If in a given day, operating 24 hours a day, and having an estimated client number of 150 in a day, the casino business could cash in approximately 3,000 Euros. Hence in a good month, it could get approximately 270,000 Euros. After paying its employees, it could remain with approximately 100,000 Euros profit. Therefore, in 3 months, the casino business might make approximately 300,000 Euros profit. In order to cash in such profits, a number of things have to be kept in place. Ways of improving the casino business How to attract cooperate clients This can be achieved by intensifying on marketing and advertising campaigns. Proper marketing usually has the effect of attracting people to the gambling place. In addition, by offering free promotions, may still attract some cooperate clients. Identifying cooperate clients from competing businesses and offering better place in your casino may also be another way of attracting them (Stukey 2011, p. 60). Driving away your competitors could also be another means of attracting cooperate clients to the casino. With proper marketing and advertisement and hopes of the casino making profits, cooperate clients would not hesitate to flock into that organization. How to retain existing and attract new clients Ensuring that employees at the casino place are straight in the way they operate with clients may also help in retaining clients. A casino with workers that are friendly may have many customers flocking to their side than that which does not have (Stukey 2011, p. 45). Offering promotions to clients may also be beneficial in retaining existing clients and attract new clients since all people love free things. For example, one may come up with a way to reward clients who win certain amount of money, like giving gifts and vouchers (Stukey 2011, p.88). Having the proper target for the casino business could also have an impact on the number of clients one would wish to attract. In having a multiple market for your business like the age groups 20 to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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