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Ontela PicDeck - Case Study Example

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The article takes a look at Ontela, a technology-based start-up that was under the process of offering its first product, PicDeck. Ontela is looking for a positioning strategy that offers their wireless carriers the highest Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and growth opportunity…
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Ontela PicDeck
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"Ontela PicDeck"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that PicDeck was a technology service that allows subscribers of wireless to effortlessly transfer their photos from their mobile to their computers, email inbox, and other networking devices and services. Media has appreciated the service a lot; an article in the Telephony magazine regarded the service as “helping bridge the gap between phone and PC.” The basic revenue model of the service was to provide a more convenient mobile imaging experience, which would increase the sales of high margin data services of Ontela’s wireless carrier who are the actual direct customers of the company. The author has rightly presented that Ontela was expecting that once customers started using their PicDeck service to transfer photos from their mobile devices to their computers, emails, etc. it would eventually increase the use of the wireless carrier services. Ontela’s direct customers are the wireless service providers who would market the service to its wireless subscribers. Ontela would receive a portion of the subscription fee that the subscribers pay to the wireless carriers. Now, Ontela needs to find a customer segment to position its service offering accordingly so that they can satisfy the value proposition of the Wireless Carriers who in turn can satisfy their end customers. The case identifies three basic customer segments through a qualitative review, the parent, the professional, and the teen....
get maximum information on available customer segments and once the suitable segments have been identified, they need to choose the segment that provides maximum opportunity for the company and the wireless carriers. They also need to balance the needs of the subscribers with those of the wireless carriers who want to decrease chum and increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU). It was really important for the company to find out the answer to these questions as Ontela’s direct customers are wireless carriers who are looking to increase their Average Revenue per User through the use of this service. The PicDeck service can only be successful if Ontela can find out the most profitable target segment and position their service accordingly. Analysis of the Case Ontela needs to find the most profitable target segment for its service PicDeck so that it can make a positioning statement accordingly and its direct customers, wireless carriers can reap profits from the service and in return Ontela can also gain profits. The US mobile phone service industry is one of the largest sectors of the US economy. It comprises of various sub segment and its data service segments, which provides services such as internet data plans, text messaging, picture messaging and other multimedia transfer has developed at a very fast pace. It is expected that the data services segments would continue to increase, consequently, the revenue of voice segment would decline. Hence, as the data services segment evolves, wireless carriers would become increasingly dependent on the unique and high profit data services that can provide them with competitive advantage. As cellular phones became an extremely common device, it started coming out with different features and capabilities to provide the user with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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