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FINDINGS Glossary Market Equilibrium – This is a situation where the supply of a particular item is exactly equal to its demand so that there is neither a surplus nor a shortage of this item in the market. On a graph this is shown where the market demand curve intersects with the market supply curve…
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly, a fall in the price of a particular item shows a rise in the demand for that item. On a graph, a fall in price will show an inward shift of demand curve and a rise in the prices will show an outward shift of the demand curve. The diagram below shows a fall in demand due to a price rise. Figure 2 Shift in Demand – This happens when the demand of a particular item rises or falls due to various factors which include an increase or decrease in the number of consumers; an increase or decrease in the prices of substitute products and complements; a change in consumer incomes (ability to afford that particular item); changes in tastes and preferences of consumers; and price expectations. On a graph, a rise in demand is shown as an outward shift while a fall in demand is shown as an inward shift of the demand curve. [McConnell, Brue, Flynn, 2009] Shift in Supply – This happens when the supply of a particular item rises or falls due to various factors which include an increase or decrease in the prices of the resources used to manufacture that item or render a particular service; an increase in technology which is more likely to increase the supply; an increase or decrease in the number of suppliers; and a rise or fall in the price of a substitute or a complement item. ...
For any business, its risk management will be naturally concerned with avoiding such negative factors which could kill the business. Therefore, the first task for any such manager is to identify what might potentially harm GoFast Airlines in the future. Prices of Fuel As a strategist, the first factor to consider is the rising prices of fuel, which is the most important raw material for any form of a travel company today. With the increasing fuel prices, GoFast will naturally have to increase fair prices to cover the costs, while still competing with giants like British Airways which have been there since a longer time and are more financially secure. Higher prices may cause a fall in demand for air travel which can directly reduce the number of fares for GoFast Airlines, as which happened with Singapore Airlines earlier in 2011 [Singapore Business News (SBN), 2011]. This will directly affect their low-price flights approach which, mixed with quality service, gained them the customer base they have today. Economic Recession Economic recession is potentially the most important economic factor which could affect the profitability and the market leadership of GoFast Airlines. In times of economic recession, the consumer’s purchasing power is weaker. In such times, although important corporate business trips may be made anyway, the smaller business may think twice before making an expensive trip. Most importantly, however, leisure trips are more likely to decrease in greater numbers in time of recession than business trips. Even in this situation, the consumer would be able to afford lesser than before and this will affect the number of fares. The demand will naturally fall for flights and so will GoFast’s sales and profitability [Milmo, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Economic Environment in bad condition and needs to restored. The shortages of energy supply may hold back Brazil in terms of its economic growth (Datamonitor 2010). The government is the main buyer in the sector, although some forms of public-private partnerships have been established from 2006 (LAM 2010). The sector is characterised with consolidation and large players, and it has seen an entry of foreign investments in past couple of years. The industry reflects a stable and health growth and opens many opportunities for external players as the business environment in Brazil is improving. At 58th position in the Global Competiveness Report (WEM 2010), Brazil is relatively stable, a result of its two...
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..., compared to those who visit the site physically. Free entry to museums ensures that culture is for everyone. However, it has been pointed out that free admission damages the reputation and image of those museums that do charge. Reference List Dowd, V. (2011, December 1). BBC News. Retrieved November 10, 2013, from Museum entry fees: How the UK compares: Frey, B. S., & Meier, S. (2006). The Economics of Museums. Journal of Economics of Art and Culture , 1 (1), 1019-1047. Johnson, P., & Thomas, B. (2008). The Economics of Museums: A Research Perspective. Journal of Cultural Economics , 22, 75-85. Silito, D. (2011,...
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...was also formulated to control the price of basic petroleum products in order to avert exploitation of oil cartels. Apparently, the office of fair trading that is mandated with the task of evaluating the business and marketing environment with the aim of ensuring that the consumer is not exploited by the business firm as a result of harmful competitive strategies while on the other hand consumers are getting quality products and services from this rapidly developing and diverse sector on the economy. On the same note, the office of fair trading in the year 2012 conducted a survey in the oil market in a bid to certain whether it was incompliance with the various laws regarding the...
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....    (Hawkes, 2008) Answer 1-b The word downturn refers to a slump in sales due to economic recession and meltdown that because unemployment increases and consumption decreases. The business organisations observe negative growth in their businesses since customers are inclined to make purchases of necessities and are reluctant to make purchases of luxuries and other items with higher price elasticity. Answer 2-a Supermarket Industry is an oligopolistic industry since there are few businesses (large scale producers and retailers) that dominate the market and reap benefits. These businesses may set industry total output and prices of their products....
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...1 OF WOLLONGONG in DUBAI College of Business UAE as an International Economic Center In Partial Fulfillment of Requirement of the Subject: TBS983 International Economic Environment of Business For the MIB/MQM Program Summer-2’ 2010 By (student’s name) Submitted to: ...
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... Due: The Economic Environment and Anatomy of Business Demand and supply The amount demanded is that the quantity of a product individuals area unit willing to shop for at a precise value; the interconnection between the price and the quantity demanded gets thought because the demand relationship. The amount supplied refers to the quantity of a precise smart producer’s area unit willing to produce once receiving a precise value (Galbraith and Sasha, 15). The relationship between price and the way abundant of an honest or service is equipped to the market gets thought because they provide relationship. Price, therefore, could be a reflection of provide and demand. The connection between demand and provide underlie the forces behind... of...
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...Economic Environment I. Monetary policy and fiscal policy are two different instruments used by governments to help in the economic development of a country. For any government there are three major purposes which are maximum employment, stable prices and economic growth. The primary role of monetary policy is to regulate the circulation of money and increase or reduce the interest rate. This helps to keep the price stable and this will greatly benefit the economic system of a country. This will ensure business sector to perform with confidence as price levels will not fluctuate heavily in the future. This is the case in the United States where the levels of price and wages do not fluctuate beyond a certain measure (Friedman, 1968... of...
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