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This paper is based on discussing the fact that the native people of UAE have relentlessly tried to maintain their Islamic culture even in the presence of more liberal cultural values. The consumer behavior of the people of UAE is discussed concerning their Islamic beliefs and how they prefer their standard Islamic beliefs while buying a product over its recognized characteristics…
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Consumer behavior
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"Consumer behavior"

Research studies done on the culture of UAE reveal the fact that despite many foreigners have been living in UAE for the past many years, they have not been able to cause a big change in the indigenous culture of UAE because the local people prefer to stick to their religious rules no matter how fast the outer world is changing culturally or religiously. A large number of local Arab women are still seen clad in the burqas despite living in a society that is fraught with more liberal foreigner women who prefer to wear skirts or jeans. Islam still dominates virtually every aspect of life in UAE. (Khalaf). The interesting fact is that the contrast between different cultures in UAE does not cause any type of prejudice or antagonism even in the tiniest bit, rather harmony and peace of an astounding nature is seen in UAE among people belonging to different cultures or races. The level of peace existent in UAE presently is definitely envious and it suggests that the harmony among different cultures will continue to strengthen with the passing years because the challenges brought up by the intolerance existing between people from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds are never experienced by the people of UAE, thanks to the efforts made by both the local people and the foreigners. Other than the factor of the religious preference, there maybe many other factors that explain why the cultural values of the local UAE people have not merged with those of the Westerners residing in UAE. Culture is hugely important because it reflects the identities of people forming a particular society and people sharing a same culture generally share the same thinking patterns as well. This is why research shows that a product’s success in a particular area is largely dependent on the cultural or religious values of the people residing in that area. The link between a product’s marketing and the consumer behavior is sometimes so strong that the global attributes of a particular product are altogether overlooked and people start judging a product’s merits in relation to their religious or cultural teachings. Almost same is the case in UAE, where sales of such widely publicized things as condoms are largely restricted and suppressed owing to the restrictive and orthodox consumer behavior of the indigenous UAE people. This is because almost all the local UAE people follow the religion of Islam and fervently prefer their Islamic values over whatsoever the global attributes of a product maybe. A Muslim consumer behaves differently from other consumer in many aspects. (Consumer Behavior). It is utterly absurd to predict that in a society that is fundamentally restrictive and fraught with Islamic values, marketing of such products that go in huge contrast with the cultural values of the Muslim people can be successful or even possible. That is the reason why the consumer behavior holds exponential importance concerning how successful a product maybe in a particular a Read More
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