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Marketing Strategy for a Nuclear Power Plant Development Proposal in Sizewell C - Essay Example

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Nuclear plants are largely capital intensive and require a huge time to become operational. This escalates the cost. Moreover with the current turmoil in the economy of European nations it becomes difficult for organizations to undertake a massive project…
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Marketing Strategy for a Nuclear Power Plant Development Proposal in Sizewell C
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Download file to see previous pages However considering the fact that UK is beginning to show signs of recovery and the credit markets beginning to show signs of resurgence it appears to a be a good choice for investment.
Sociological aspects pertaining to the use of non renewable sources of energy have gained large scale importance considering the growing awareness of individuals towards the environment. Nuclear plants have added concerns about security following the aftermaths of the crisis in Japan.
Concerns about safety and security of the workers and general population assume importance in case of nuclear power plants. Enactment of the Health and Safety at Work Act in UK has served to include more technological concerns.
Nuclear plants have always been under criticism from the society due to the aspect of harmful emissions. Every nation has its set of environmental laws that are mandatory for every nuclear power plant.
There are a number of legislations in place for nuclear reactors. UK as compared to some of its counterparts like Germany still favours setting up of these plants as a large price of energy for meeting the ever growing energy requirements.
Target Market Analysis The nuclear energy market in UK can be divided into five main target segments namely, the civilian customer, defence, power supply to submarines and corporate customer segments (Wright, 2010, p.1). The company would normally target the corporate customers including those with manufacturing facilities under a direct contract as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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