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Becoming an Effective Salesperson - Term Paper Example

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One of the primary occupations in the business world is that of being a salesperson. A sales person is the conduit between the production of a product and the buyer, the person responsible for creating the atmosphere of supply and demand…
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Becoming an Effective Salesperson
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"Becoming an Effective Salesperson"

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Selling means being able to persuade and convince the buyer that what is for sale is needed and a must for whatever purpose a buyer can be convinced that they are in need of filling. In examining the occupations that are defined as different types of sales, I feel that in my life I have the values and interests will allow me to become a successful salesperson. Being a good sales person requires a great many skills, and some natural talent. One of the primary skills that must be learned is how to sell, rather than just present a sales opportunity and hope the buyer buys the product. Being a professional salesperson means learning the skills that are required to motivate people to buy a product. It also means learning everything that one can possibly know about the product. Without behaving as a professional, sales will never be a profession, but merely something one is trying to accomplish. However, a professional knows how to move a sale and make it happen. A professional has gained the skills required through dedication to their profession. Many types of sales are accomplished without the company insisting that the sales associates treat their employment as a profession, however in order to take the position seriously and behave in a manner that best represents a product, treating the job as a profession will allow the worker to have the best possible tools for success. Treating the job of salesperson as a profession means honing the skills that best serve the position. According to Lytle (2000), “You want your customers to trust you. Your personal credibility and trust are vital parts of any successful salesperson-client relationship.” (p. 41). Part of being trustworthy is being prepared with solid, concrete information that closes the gaps between what the customer fears and what will bring the customer to the end of the sale. It is recommended that to be trustworthy, one must provide information that is accurate and complete, thus providing the most complete picture of how the product fills the need. Being trustworthy also means becoming prepared. Coming to a sales meeting with the intention of presenting several options that are the result of having studied the needs of the customer in comparison to the offerings of the company will go a long way in building trust (Lytle 2000). The two vital components to be truly trustworthy in the eyes of a customer is in being educated and in putting in work that creates a sense that the salesperson is prepared. One of the aspects of my personality that I think makes me suitable for a position in sales is that I am a firm believer in coming into a situation prepared for the outcomes. As well, I try to find ways to contribute to the situation, thus placing myself in a position of trust. I take this attitude with all tasks that I am giving, looking at the number of ways in which being prepared can contribute and then going about learning and studying the different aspects that might be necessary. I was taught the values of being prepared from a very young age, my parents instilling within me an ethic that provided me with the appropriate understanding of the connection between preparing for a situation so that should an opportunity present itself, I could honorably take advantage of it. Understanding the potential prospect means developing skills that will inspire the buyer to want to make a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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