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The paper "Business to Business Marketing and Business-to-Consumer Business " will find the advantages and disadvantages of the implementation of the B2C business process to both the customers and business. Business-to-business describes the commerce transactions between two businesses…
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Business to Business Marketing and Business-to-Consumer Business
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Download file to see previous pages Many business organizations are now implementing social media to get connect with their business clients and consumers. However, business organizations are using very much similar tools within the business process (Brito and Lewis, 2011, p.177). Therefore, the employees of business firms can get connected with each other. When the communication process is taking place among the employees, it can be referred to as B2B communication. Saxon Plumbing Service London Ltd. (SPSL) is a small organization that used to provide plumbing services to the SMEs in south London. Now they are trying to expand their business in by setting up a new office in Manchester. Moreover, they are trying to implement B2C process in their business. The objective of the study is to find the advantages and disadvantages of the implementation of the B2C business process to both the customers and business. Sales Force Developing a new office is most certainly a right step towards the ambitious plan of expansion. The move made by the management to deploy is most certainly a right move made by the company to promote business and develop a customer base. However, in order to be successful, the management must organize the sales force properly to achieve the desired level of output. However, the sales force may not be the solution to all the questions. The company has to rely on some other promotional techniques/ mediums to increase brand awareness and customer base. This section of the study provides a critical analysis as to how the management should organize and manage the sales force, appropriateness of the move of the company to deploy sales force and also other probable ways to increase brand awareness. Sales Force Vs Other methods of promotion According to the 4 Ps of marketing and the marketing mix concept the 4th P of the marketing mix is the promotion or communication. The elements of the promotional mix are an advertisement, sales promotion, personal selling, and public relations. Among this advertisement is probably the most common and popular way to reach out to masses, generate demand and brand awareness. Sales promotion is a great technique to provide promotional offers to increase brand awareness. Public relations are all about developing the relationship between the public (client) and the company (Kitchen and Proctor, 2001, p.280). Personal selling, on the other hand, can be defined as the person to person interaction between the seller and the prospect (buyer). Keeping the on-current circumstances in mind it can be understood that advertisement, public relations seems the two best options. But there are certain constraints such as financial resources and budget. Also, the company uses word of mouth or viral marketing to generate awareness and increase customer base. Personal selling is one of the best ways to develop and manage personal relationships with the client that pays the rich dividend in case of generating positive word of mouth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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