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Analysis how political processes impact a Canadian industry - Term Paper Example

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 Analysis how political processes impact a Canadian industry By Name Presented to Course Institution Name, Location Date Due Structure CMA CGM Canada Inc. is a shipping agency in Canada which is part of the worldwide network of branches affiliated top the main company located in France…
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Analysis how political processes impact a Canadian industry
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Download file to see previous pages Another major contribution of the increased competitive market structure in Canadian shipping industry is the implementation of the 1985 task force recommendations on deep-sea shipping. This government amendment made the Canada shipping industry most competitive compared with other countries as the ship owners were not compelled to pay for taxes also increasing employment opportunities (Johnson 2001). This industry has few customers mainly shippers who are mainly involved with the transportation of bulky goods, the major shippers involved in this industry are importers and exporters who engage on the movement of large quantities of cargo for over long distances. The customers are provided with a highly efficient international network of shipping as the agencies are mostly global carries (Johnson 2001). The products and services of the Canadian shipping industry are mainly the movement of goods and services across Canada and other global countries. The main activity is being shipping service providers where they engage in the provision of shipping and shipping related services, this include shipping services and multimodal services. Shipping services include shipping clearance, extensive vessel containers and container fleets, provision of cargo solutions, crew change services, loading and offloading cargo, provision of warehouse facilities, chartering and brokerage. The agencies in this industry extend their services in providing railway, road and river freight as well as providing services such as container fleet management, special transport services, air freight and supply chain management and turnkey supply-chain solutions. Agencies and firms in this industry engage in tough competition through specialization on the specific products and services that they provide where specific firms and agencies engage on specialized shipping activities which results into having competitive advantage over other players in the industry most of the firms are engaging in specialized transport services such as reefer fleet which is the latest trend in the industry involving refrigerated containers which are transported to all the countries worldwide. The industry is considered to be dynamic as the firms compete to offer their various customers innovative and quality services that suit the needs and requirements to achieve full customer satisfaction (Johnson 2001). The growth of shipping industry in Canada is as a result of the consistent prospects for growing knowledge-based industries in Canada. Shipping industry in Canada offers a variety of goods and shipping services which are wholly a spectrum. The most significant aspect of this industry is the existing markets and the global potential markets which are constantly emerging as well as the future markets; this knowledge base has enhanced the potential growth of the opportunities as well as the expected challenges in the shipping industry. With the available types of knowledge bases including machine-readable knowledge bases which has been largely adopted operations that machines are largely involved and the expert information is passed across the industry and the firms focus on putting into practice the acquired knowledge. Secondly widely adopted knowledge base in the Canadian industry is the knowledge base analysis design where this approach allows the firms, agencies and individuals in this industry to carry out analysis and design in which a knowledge base is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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