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Market structure - Essay Example

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Running Head: MARKET STRUCTURE Name of student School: Course: Topic: Market Structure Lecturer: Date presented: Q1: Perfectly Competitive Market There is different market conditions under which firms sell goods and services referred to as market structures…
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Market structure

Download file to see previous pages... According to Baumol and Blinder (2011 p. 200), such a market must satisfy four conditions. First, the market has many small firms and customers such that no participants are large enough to have market power to affect the price of a product. If one producer reduces the price, there would be no effect on the market since the producer is negligible compared to the whole market. This condition rules out the possibilities for collusion or trade associations; each firm acts independently (Tucker, 2010). Secondly, all the suppliers sell a homogeneous product; there are no close substitutes (McEachern, 2011). As such, the consumers buy products from any seller since the products are the same thus competition is very powerful. The demand curve is perfectly elastic hence if a seller increases the price of the product, customers shift to buy competitors products. The firms have no choice but to meet and not exceed the price charged by others hence are “price takers” (Baumol & Blinder, 2011 p. 201). Thirdly, there are no barriers to entry or exit in the market. Barriers to entry may be in form of legal, technical or cost advantage but in a perfectly competitive market, any seller willing to enter the industry can do so to take advantage of economic profits and provide an identical product (p. 200). The new entrant is at the same level with the old firms; there are no advantages for existing firms so the new firm can compete effectively. Lastly, the infinite buyers and sellers have perfect information regarding the price and quality of products in the market. As a result, there is no need for advertising as it would have no effect; the customers know where to buy their products and besides, all products are identical and the price is determined by the market. According to Landsburg (2011), in a perfectly competitive market there are no transaction costs and perfect factor mobility. This enables the market to adjust accordingly in case of changing market conditions. Q2: Price and Output Decisions of a Perfectly Competitive Market As noted above, there are infinite buyers and sellers in the market such that none has an effect on price. The price in such a market is determined by forces of supply and demand hence the sellers are “price takers”. Sexton (2012) argues that since the market price is given, the only decision that firms have to make is determining the level of output that would maximize profit. The question firms should ask themselves as asserted by McEachern (2011 p. 176) is “how much should I produce?” He notes that firms aim at producing a quantity at which total revenue is higher than total cost by the greatest amount. The profit maximizing output in a perfectly competitive market occurs where marginal revenue (MR) is equal to marginal cost (MC); MR=MC therefore the firms are seen to allocate resources efficiently. A perfectly competitive firm has a horizontal demand curve thus it can sell as much quantity as it wants at the given market price. Whether the firm increases its output or not, the price remains the same as there are many sellers. It also does not have to reduce the price so as to attract demand as it would lead to loss of revenue for the firm (Baumol & Blinder, 2011). Since total revenue is the output multiplied by the price, the average revenue is the same as price. The firm is also a price taker hence the marginal revenue is equal to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Market Structure
The article is specifically about the Apple Inc- one of the leading consumer electronics companies in the world producing MP3 Players, tablet computers, desktops and other computers and consumer electronics goods. Though the strategy of the Apple has been discussed as the one which is based upon platform strategy however, the article focuses on how this industry or market works and who are the key players, how external events are affecting the firms and how prices are set up.
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The monopoly market structure
As it is shown in the essay, monopoly is a market structure where there is a single producer or seller of the product in the market with no substitutes available. The paper focuses on uncovering of the relative inefficiencies of the monopoly market, compared with other structures. This market produces less output with higher prices.
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Form of market structure: Monopoly

The author states that one of the key points covered in the article include the objections against a monopoly as understood by the economists. The argument against monopoly is that in the absence of competition, monopolies can charge whatever they want and the charged prices are usually higher than the prices under perfect competition.

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Market Structure
Arguably, there are varied market structures in every market and their characteristics in presenting quantity and imposing prices upon the units affect consumption patterns and the buyer and seller relationships. For example, perfect market competition, oligopoly, monopoly, and monopolistic competition vary broadly in terms of the market outcomes under the practices of the coinciding factors of demand and supply (Martin, 2012).
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Monopoly Market Structure
Under free trade environment the market itself fixes the price whereas in the Monopoly structure the monopolist being the only supplier fixes the price at which goods or services will be provided. In the monopolist market structure there are no close substitutes to the product or service the monopolist deals with and there are different barriers to enter the market.
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Market Structure
However, PeopleSoft producers the specialized software programs for managing human resources while Oracle has a different specialization. So why would Oracle need this merge As Ellison has noted, Oracle will continue supporting and improving PeopleSoft products if acquisition takes place.
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Market Structure
Economics helps people to understand the politics and business aspects among others. At the same time, it also helps to understand the needs and demands and along with that it helps to choose the best allocation of the resources from various
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Market structure
To determine the major characteristics of Market Structure, economists have focused on the factors like nature of competition prevailing in the market & the mode of pricing. The system is greatly influenced
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Market Structure
Market Structure is an imperial study in Micro economics that may be defined as a collection of interdependent factors which determine the level of interaction between buyers and sellers prevailing in the market and adjust price and output level according to the interrelationship between them. In particular, market structure demonstrates the number of firms producing identical and homogeneous goods and services
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Differentiating Between Market Structure
Beachbody LLC is a multinational corporation that was founded in the year 1998. The company uses multi-level marketing and infomercial to sell weight loss, fitness and muscle building home exercise DVDs. Among its trending home DVDs include the Tony Horton’s P9OX
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