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Analysing the global marketing environment - Assignment Example

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Analyzing the global marketing environment The globalization trend has triggered many firms to realize the importance of conducting business activities outside their home country. With the continual global economic growth, many firms around the world are looking at their business in a global marketing context…
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Analysing the global marketing environment
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Download file to see previous pages Background This report is based on the examination of the global marketing environment of the popular cookies brand of New Zealand, Cookie Times, in the global market, especially in United States. Cookie Time Ltd (CTL) is one of the most popular cookie brands in New Zealand. This is located in Christchurch and makes snack foods since 1983. The mascot of the brand is known as Cookie Muncher. It is a commercial, innovative snacking company. One of the fundamental business structures of the company comprises of franchised distribution, retail, as well as manufacturing operations with special focus on the opportunities of foreign licensing and franchise. Chocolate Chunk Cookie was the first launched product in the New Zealand market intended for individual sale. With unparalleled operational excellence and dynamic entrepreneurship, CTL is dominating the domestic cookie and cracker market for more than 28 years. Their passion lies in building strong customer satisfaction base and network by providing unmatched quality products with extravagant taste (Franchise opportunities, Cookie Time, n.d.). The company’s portfolio includes highly innovative and popular products like glutten-free cookies and smart cookies with authorized certification from the National Heart Foundation. The mainstream sweet cookie was launched in the market in 2006 with prior consultation with the Ministry of health, NZ Parent Teachers Association and the Heart Foundation. In 2010, the first full scale retail space of the company, the Cookie Time Bar was established in Queensland which serves great hot cookies and milk with a nostalgic ambience. The outlet shop of the company outside the Christchurch factory is a landmark site which is well known for its giant cookie frontage. The head quarters and the food science laboratory are also established here. For distribution of the products to more than 6000 domestic retail outlets 40 independent franchisees work rigorously across time (Corporate Profile, Cookie Time, n.d.). Reports show that about one-third the people of United States of America (US) have no time to take their meal. Only one-third of them take regular three meals in a day. The others depend on easily available food items and snacks and skip their meals. The unhealthy consumer behavior leading to rampant obesity has led majority of the American population to convert their dietary mechanism towards a more healthy process. As a result CTL finds a great opportunity to enter this market with its products which are rich in high proteins, high fibre, natural ingredients with low fat and sugar which guarantees healthy diet (Cookies in the US 2006, p. 6). That is why the study is done to find out whether there is proper global environment of the marketing Cookie Time in the country. 1. Environmental analysis 1.1 Economic Environment The economic setting can modify quite fast. Effects of rapid business decline in a country or region will adversely affect the business environment of any organization within that geographical boundary. However new strategies are to be formulated and implemented at the simultaneously for maintaining sustainability. The fall in consumer’s income changes their consumption pattern by cutting down expenses by barred consumption on some products. As a direct consequence many companies including ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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