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Influences of Advertising and Public Relations on the Market By June 2012 The University of Leicester Centre for Mass Communication Research Masters Dissertation Table of Contents Table of Contents i Acknowledgements v Declaration of Originality vi Abstract viii CHAPTER 1: BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES 1 1.1 Overview 3 1.2 Background 6 1.3 Research motivation 8 1.4 Research Questions 10 1.5 Research Aim 11 1.6 Research Objectives 11 1.7 Chapter Summary 12 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 14 2.1 Market Response Models 15 2.2 Generalisations about Influences of Advertising 19 2.3 Advertising and Consumer Behaviour 24 2.4 Advertising and the New Media 26 2.5 Advertising and Brand Life Cycle…
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The different influences of AD and PR in the market
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Download file to see previous pages tising and Public Relations Departments 56 4.2 Target Audience for Advertising and Public Relations Departments in Various Firms 59 4.3 Insights about Satisfaction with the Work of Advertising and Public Relations Departments 60 4.4 Annual Expenditure for Advertising and Public Relations 61 4.5 The Process Flow for Advertising and Public Relations 62 4.6 The Position of Advertising and Public Relations Departments 63 4.7 The Significance of Advertising and Public Relations in Firms 63 4.8 Perceptions about the Future of Advertising and Public Relations 65 Chapter 5: CONCLUSIONS, RECOMMENDA...
on of Originality MASTERS DISSERTATION SUBMISSION FORM Student’s family name: First names: Student ID No: Course: Supervisor: Dissertation Title: Influences of Advertising and Public Relations on the Market Declaration I certify that this dissertation is my own work. I have read the University regulations concerning plagiarism. I am willing to allow The University of Leicester Centre for Mass Communication Research to use my dissertation as a sample for future students. Signed ……………………………………………… Date ……………… Abstract This research study presents an attempt to understand better the capacity of advertising and public relations to influence a market. Although this topic of research is not new, the reality of today presents a demand for accountability of significant marketing communication spending in the face of constantly increasing costs associated with advertising and public relations in a tough and highly competitive business environment. Thus, it makes sense to re-examine an old topic of research to decide about how firms should proceed to try to enhance brand recognition, brand image, reputation and consumer knowledge in the market in an attempt to enhance the bottom-line. Relevant themes that emerge from authoritative literature examined in a review of literature and insights made available by those who are familiar with the workings of advertising, and public relations functions in United Kingdom companies emphasise the essential utility of both advertising and public relations. Thus, a need exists to try to maintain a synergy between the two to deliver the optimal in an age of ubiquitous computing that presents new opportunities for innovation in both advertising and public relations. The research suggests that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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