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Is There a Correlation between Nutritional Habits and Behavior in Adolescent Girls and Advertisement - Assignment Example

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The idea of this research emerged from the author’s interest and fascination in whether there a correlation between nutritional habits and behavior in adolescent girls and advertisement. The paper will also describe, by way of an example, the use of content analysis…
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Is There a Correlation between Nutritional Habits and Behavior in Adolescent Girls and Advertisement
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"Is There a Correlation between Nutritional Habits and Behavior in Adolescent Girls and Advertisement"

Download file to see previous pages In the paper, the adolescent girls will be shown various food advertisements and then given assorted food during meals including the foods that were in the advertisements. The control group will consist of girls who will not be shown the experiment but will also be given food the same as the girls in the experimental group. The threat to validity is that there could be some variables that affect nutritional habits and behavior other then advertisement. However, the threat will be eliminated through the use of the control group. The findings of the experiment will be important in establishing whether there is a strong correlation between nutritional habits and behavior and advertisements. In addition, the qualitative data obtained will reveal some of the reasons for the strong correlation between nutritional habits and behavior and advertisement. Experiments make use of samples that may not reflect upon the true state of things in the population. In this experiment the findings might indicate that alcohol consumption does not affect academic performance whereas in the population the state of things might be different. In addition, it would be cumbersome to establish the level of impact of different forms of advertisement. a) Operationalize the concepts in your research question into an item or items suitable for a questionnaire. Questionnaire Item: Do you believe that food companies are sincere in their commercials about the nutritional benefits of products? b) Include some demographic measures in your questionnaire: The adolescent ages will range from the age of ten to twenty and they will be grouped into 2; one group will be from 10-15 and the other group will be from 15-20. The study will seek to establish the group whose nutritional habits and behavior are influenced by advertisement. c) Decide on a type of experimental design and explain how observations would be made. The research will follow an interpretive approach where data will be collected and analyzed. The research will also follow and ethnographic approach where the nutritional behavior and habits of both the experiment and control group will be observed over a long period of time. d) Explain how three scientific assumptions are upheld (violated) in your example Errors in experiment are unavoidable therefore the assumption of intentional and unintentional mistake is violated. The subjects might be biased by what they expect to happen therefore the second assumption is violated. The result of the sample might be a true representation of the population therefore the third assumption is not violated. The paper will give examples of how each goal of science can be served by experimental research. The first goal of science is to investigate with the aim of validating or disapproving a theory. Experiments allow researchers to conduct studies aimed at establishing whether a theory is just a postulation or whether the theory is factual. The second goal of science is the discovery of new concepts and ideas that help in understanding of our world better. It is through experiments that scientists have been able to stumble upon new ideas and concepts. The third goal of science is that it should be able to support a claim through evidence. The results of a research act as evidence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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