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Advertisemnt of junk food - Essay Example

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The advertisement of junk food has been on the increase in the many parts of the world. The advertisers use both the traditional forms and modern ways of advertisement. The traditional ways of advertisement comprise of television, radio, newspapers.The sophisticated ways of advertisement uses the internet and you tube…
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Advertisemnt of junk food
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"Advertisemnt of junk food"

Download file to see previous pages The advertisement of junk food has been on the increase in the many parts of the world. The advertisers use both the traditional forms and modern ways of advertisement. The traditional ways of advertisement comprise of television, radio, newspapers.The sophisticated ways of advertisement uses the internet and you tube. The promotion of the junk food through the media spells doom to the health living of an individual and the nation as a whole. Health is a major apprehension among different stakeholders in the world (Moton and Dumler, 2009). Many studies in United States indicate that American people, both the infants and the youth consume poor diets that pose a problem to their health. This therefore implies that the children and adolescents are at a precarious situation to contract health complications that come with poor diet. This is because the youth and the children ape any behavior that they perceive in the advertisement media. Promotion of good eating habits through the tools of advertisement can greatly help to curb the imminent danger to health. Conversely, promotion of junk foods through advertisement will spell doom to the health of the American people (Insel et al, 2010). Advertising corporations in United States can help youth to reach a well-informed choice on whether to eat or not take junk foods. This can only happen when the corporations decide to advertise directly to the adolescents. Celebrities attract youth and they easily follow their mannerisms. To them it does not matter whether what they are advertising has potential dangers or not. Most advertisement in United States employs the models and the celebrities to publicize junk foods. This makes me believe that American advertisement corporation has negative impacts towards influencing decisions that youth make (Moton and Dumler, 2009). There is a significant change to the habits of consumption of foods in United States over period. Reliable sources indicate that most American youths and children take food away from their homes. This means that the children and adolescents do not get natural foods. They feed on the junk foods that contain a lot of fatty acids and added sugars. The intake of the high-fat foods poses a health danger to the children and youth. This contributes to the escalating number of overweight and obesity among the American youths and children. The data of these conditions has increased compared to the previous years. The overweight and obese children are at the danger of contracting the heart diseases. The commonest heart ailments include the hypertension and stroke. Other complications include diabetes 2. At severe cases, these disorders can lead to death (Insel et al, 2010). In addition, it puts a lot constrains to the economy of United States. This is because the government has to care for the cost of cardiac and diabetic patients. In the end, the disorders affect the productivity of the affected citizens. These Americans contribute little to the development of their economy. The appearance of skinny and slim people in the advertisement has negative impacts on the perception of youth. The youth and children perceive them as the epitomes worthy emulation. These youngsters tend to forgo food in order get the slender body. This makes the youth to experience starvation, which is detrimental to their healthy. Majority of women ands girls after viewing the thin models and actors tend to think that is the right body, which they should possess. This means that women and young girls will tend to dislike their bodies (Moton and Dumler, 2009). To resemble the models, the women will reduce the portions of their foods. This subjects the body into a very wanting situation because of lack of essential nutrients. This therefore calls for the advertising corporation to use a variety of women of varied sizes. It is a way to achieve neutrality in the advertisements of products. The advertisement of edible products influences the youth to develop interest to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Affect of junk food advertising on children
Junk food is something that children love to eat everyday. Children are always given instructions about not to eat junk food in bulk or more frequently to which some would listen and some may not. Kids who cannot control eat outside home frequently the junk food are prone to the risk of diseases like Cardiovascular-CVD, etc.
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Junk food and Children Obesity
The problem of obesity is becoming so widespread that the author has highlighted that the probability of the future generation to live a long and healthy life is bleak. The writer has talked about his experience as a pediatrician where there was not one day when an overweight or an obese child did not come to his clinic.
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Junk food is killing America
ood has greatly contributed to a unique lifestyle and Americans eating patterns, which has sustainably increased chances of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disorder and diabetes associated deaths. It is advisable that before one purchases a fast food, it is necessary to
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Junk Food and Health Problems(Cause and Effects Essay)
This paper explores the reasons that have made people to rely on junk foods and the effects the same. In order to get supportive evidences to this course, various strategies were used. The questionnaires will be conducted especially in the hospitals particularly between the patients and the doctors.
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Marketing junk food to children
Couric through the film Fed Up also claims that consumption of the junk food also enforces one to spend a lot of time in exercising. Thus, it is as a result of the consumption of junk foods that most
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Junk food
Sweet deserts, fried fast food, sugary carbonated beverages are considered to be junk foods. Depending upon the preparation and ingredients used to make, junk food may
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Junk Food Ban
The junk food legislation seems to be a great solution to the problem of childhood obesity. But consider the following. If kids could not shed off their eating habits, no ban could stop them from eating junk food. They simply buy junk food from profit-minded entrepreneurs or bring their own junk food from home.
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Effects of eating too much junk food
And What are the effects of consuming junk food? According to Jia (94), junk food constitute of French fries, potato chips, or soda. Many people love to consume the foods because they very tasty, cheap in terms of price, and easy to prepare. Despite people having
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Rhetorical Analysis: IS Junk Food Really Cheaper
The rhetorical situation of this paper is to argue for the consumption of the organically home-cooked food, as opposed to the consumption of the fast foods. Arguments have been put forward regarding why people opt to consume the fast foods, at the expense of the home-cooked foods. The major argument in this respect is that fast foods are cheaper.
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Child Development Junk Food
Therefore, people have the tendency to give more junk foods and other processed food items for their children. Junk foods are easily available foods and very high in carbohydrates and this promotes excessive fat. Excessive use of junk foods and processed foods in day to day life paved the way for serious health problems among the children.
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