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Assignment 3 Customer inserts His/ her name University of Massachusetts Boston Economics Department N. Aman ECON336 March 08, 2012 2. Population growth is the increase in number of people living within a given area at a certain period. On the other hand, absolute poverty is the number of people within a given population who are unable to afford necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing…
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Marketing Assignment
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Precisely, population growth is inversely proportional to female wages. Scarcity of resource is the main cause of migration. Population growth leads to scarcity of resources or add pressure to existing resources leading to migration. The rate of rural-urban migration is directly proportional to population growth. Population growth also lowers per capita income of a country. This reduces the ability of the government to cater for the people. The pension scheme is one of the ways through which the government caters for its people. Population growth leads to low pension rates within a country. Similarly, population growth adds pressure to health facilitates within a country leading to low quality health care services within a country. Availability of education depends on the capacity of educational facilities within a country and the number of student. Increase in population exerts pressure on existing facilities leading to poor quality education. High population lowers the availability of education for a certain population. Due to the pressure exerted on income by population growth, people tend to increase their level of investment to diversify their income. Population growth therefore increases the level of investment in a country. 3. India and china are the most populous nations in the world. The two countries have also experienced the highest population growth rate within the last centuries. Although population in these countries is evenly distributed, continuous population growth might have negative effects to the economy of these countries. The Indian and Chinese governments have responded to the population growth by introducing policies aimed at controlling population growth. According to the Indian population bureau, Indian population might overtake the Chinese population within the next few decades. Although the two countries have the highest population in the world neither of them has a high population growth rate. Currently Indian population growth rate stands at 1.5% while the Chinese population growth rate stands at 0.6%. Unlike the Indian population, Chinese population is evenly distributed within the country (Todaro, & Smith, 2009). Due to its enormous size, china is in a better position to accommodate the expected population growth. China has adopted the one child policy to control its population growth. Although the policy is effective in the long-term, it has various obstacles. Currently the number of children for every Chinese couple stands at 1.72 according to 2006 census. The efforts made by the government to monitor the population growth of the country have greatly contributed to the policy. The Indian government has no direct control over its population. The Indian government however, influences its population to adopt smaller families. Currently the Indian government is giving incentives to families in order to encourage them to have few numbers of children. This policy has not been as successful as the Chinese policy since people are unwilling to cooperate with the government’s direction (Todaro, & Smith, 2009). In addition, the government has not implemented the necessary legal framework to carry out a follow-up process to establish the response. 5. Rural to urban migration is a major form of migration in countries with growing population. People migrate to urban areas with expectations of high income and good living standards. Read More
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