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Change Management between Needs and Resistances Qatar Foundation Experience - Research Proposal Example

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This proposal will deal with the subject of change management as well as its needs and resistances as a subject for exploration. It will explain the areas to be investigated by bringing forth the research questions and objectives to be explored…
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Extract of sample "Change Management between Needs and Resistances Qatar Foundation Experience"

Download file to see previous pages The change management process is an ongoing facet in the evolution of a business as it initiates new approaches, adapts to changing competitive and industry sector dynamics along with other allied variables (Aladwani, 2001). The only thing constant about business is change as the environment is in a continuous state of flux. This means companies are subject to change management in varied forms as they evolve to meet new demands and challenges (Lorenzi and Riley, 2000). In looking at change management By (2005) states it entails the transitioning or shifting of personnel, organizational groups or teams from one way of doing things to another. The core of change management is focused on aiding employees and stakeholders to accept and embrace changes within their operational environment to offer or provide improvements in the way things are done (By, 2005). This background summary of change management was undertaken to provide a core understanding of the process to aid in understanding the rationale for this research proposal. The application of change management can take many different forms, depending on the context, department, reasons, and purpose for undertaking change (Meisiek, 2002). In an article by Ackerman (1997), three types of change were identified in classifying change management. These are developmental, transitional and transformational (Ackerman, 1997). Under the developmental classification, he states this may either be emergent, planned or of an incremental type. He adds developmental change usually corrects existing issues or enhances operations, and in general seeks to improve processes or skills. Transitional change looks to move operation or processes from its present state to one the company is seeking to be in (Ackerman, 1997). The last of the three types is transformational. This requires the organization and its staff to make a significant series of changes (Ackerman, 1997). These can be processes, culture, structure or strategy, and generally results in a culture that seeks to make ongoing continuous adaptations, and improvements as an ongoing part of operations. The three areas provided by Ackerman (1997) are core elements to this research proposal as they are areas companies or organizations continuously undergo. The technological age of customized computer software, processes, programs, and computers, has significantly impacted change management (Galop et al, 2007). Termed as information technology, companies can implement change management to enable them to operate and comply with regulations along with employing new processes (Bloodgood and Salisbury, 2001). This is a newer field of change management that consists of ISO compliance and other forms that have broadened its field of application (tripwire, 2010). The newer reasons to apply change management have less to do with an employee or organizational resistance to change than it does with needed corporate change and compliance in order to be successful and survive (Dunphy et al, 2006). This is a major development in the competitive arena that crosses all company size classifications. In terms of resistance to change, Pardo del Val and Fuentes (2003) state any change will have its opponents and proponents. In expanding on this, Ford et al (2008) state the manner and reasons change is introduced has a bearing on the type and degree of resistance that will be encountered. They cite broken agreements, trust violation, a breakdown in communications and other areas as such as management needs to anticipate and dissipate or educate staff to prior to implementing or bringing about change (Ford et al, 2008). The approach of Ford et al (2008) as well as Oreg (2003), differs from Pardo del Val and Fuentes (2003) as they see the way change is introduced by management is almost as important as the change itself.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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