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Applying strategic management in state of Qatar - Essay Example

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The national health sector in Qatar has identified areas in the health sector that need to be addressed with immediate effect. A majority of its citizens and workers has of late been suffering from brain…
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Applying strategic management in state of Qatar
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Extract of sample "Applying strategic management in state of Qatar"

Applying Strategic Management in of Qatar Strategic management helps in improving the public and private sector. The national health sector in Qatar has identified areas in the health sector that need to be addressed with immediate effect. A majority of its citizens and workers has of late been suffering from brain injuries and strokes (Choi, Grotta, Mohr, & Philip, 37). This means that brain experts have to assist in solving these issues. Their input would help identify where the root problem lies and also give out solutions. With better understanding of these diseases, it becomes cheaper to treat them in Qatar, as those affected no longer have to seek treatment outside Qatar.
Cancer has been a disease that has been on the rise all over the world. The national cancer strategy is working hard to make sure that the Qatari population gets the best healthcare at home. The national cancer program holds public events so as to educate people about cancer (Manfred, 45). With more awareness, the people are able to take good care of themselves. If the ministry puts aside cash for this organization, it can help in cost that they incur while holding their events.
The most important factor when it comes to any sector, whether public or private, is ensuring that all members of staff are equipped with enough skills to do their job. The Qatar foundation has opened a health care center to give services to its employees. If more of such facilities can be invested into, it would mean that the medical sector would be armed with qualified staff that is able to deal with any situation that they may face (Bodenheimer, & Brian,460) . These strategies should not lie only in the health sector, the government should work on making sure that all public sectors are better equipped.
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