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Leadership and Management Concepts for Health Professionals - Assignment Example

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This assignment will focus upon the various theories about leadership, the types of leadership as well as the variations in the different leadership styles. The main focus of this text is to investigate certain leadership theories and figure out which one is of great significance for the leader…
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Leadership and Management Concepts for Health Professionals
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Extract of sample "Leadership and Management Concepts for Health Professionals"

Download file to see previous pages Miss. F has been newly employed as the unit manager in the pediatric department at a center by the name of Zayed Higher Organization. This organizational center caters to 120 with various infirmities in the region of Abu Dhabi. The center possesses an indoor environment that shelters the people that are part of it from the ages of nine years until seventy years. Zayed Higher Organization cares for humanity and those with specific individual needs and is known as the Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs. It welcomes and lodges people who are handicapped in the area and caters to all their needs, providing them with assistance and attention in the long run.
The aforesaid serves as an example of a parallel organizational structure. Parallel structure is an exclusive arrangement for healthcare (Sullivan&Decker, 2009, P.19). She used to be a staff nurse with years of experience and was promoted. She has twenty years’ worth of experience in the same unit and is regarded by her colleagues including the physicians as well as the other staff members. It is not uncommon for her to receive duty calls at odd hours. She is proud to be a nurse and she has been given the responsibility for scheduling all the nurses on her unit.
Excellent leaders are identified the moment someone sees them, and they often become our idols, however, it is not easy to pin point exactly what it is that makes them so influential ( Fowler, 2011). Leadership comprises numerous theories which include the great man theory, trait theory, behavioral theories, contingency theories, and contemporary theories. The leaders do not stick to one particular theory but opt for various styles in accordance with the situations. Recent studies identify combining a variety of behaviors to form a particular leadership style (Sellgren, Ekvall & Tomson, 2006). Miss. Y was born with many talents.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership and Management Concepts for Health Professionals Assignment - 1.
(Leadership and Management Concepts for Health Professionals Assignment - 1)
Leadership and Management Concepts for Health Professionals Assignment - 1.
“Leadership and Management Concepts for Health Professionals Assignment - 1”.
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