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History of Safety System Management - Research Paper Example

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The paper “History of System Safety Management analyzes planned, verifiable and documented method which helps in managing associated risks and hazards. For an organization System, Safety Management is a very essential component because it involves an organized approach towards safety management…
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History of Safety System Management
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Extract of sample "History of Safety System Management"

Download file to see previous pages Previously the government inspectors were given the power to ensure safety and security of employees working in an organization. The organizations had to assure the government that any incident that might occur in an organization would be taken care of after the requirement of safety management was understood by people.
Safety Management moved in the latter part of 1970 from a tactic that motivated on prescriptive legislation and adherence, to an approach that aimed at an organization taking accountability for its own risk management in a unique style. During the eighteenth century, however, safety management was not a big concern for industrialists. The main motive behind the working of an industry was the maximum output capacity of a particular plant. The employee concern and safety of people working in an organization was implemented at a very high level during the 1950s after the World War II. In the year 1976, an industrial disaster occurred in a chemical processing plant. Due to the release of highly toxic dioxins, many people lost their lives in Seveso. This disaster definitely had a huge impact on the people working in different chemical plants during the period. This disaster also became the reason to ensure employee safety for all chemical plants. During 1986 another accident occurred in an Oil and Natural Gas production unit which caused huge loss of life. In this environment, Safety System Management emerged in order to maintain the health and safety issues for different organizations. Evolution of Safety Management has basically begun in the aviation industry. Early aviation pioneers had very little safety measures and subjective knowledge. The main reason behind the lack of knowledge was new technology implementation without upgrading employee knowledge and training.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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