Creating an Effective Aviation Safety Management System Program - Research Paper Example

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This research paper shall engage an in-depth analysis of the concept of Safety Management System (SMS) especially within the considerations of the aviation industry with a close reference to previous renowned safety analysis case works in an attempt to try and consolidate information on the actual need for…
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Creating an Effective Aviation Safety Management System Program
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"Creating an Effective Aviation Safety Management System Program"

Download file to see previous pages For a start, a Safety Management Systems (SMS) is a framework, which is principally formal and systematically indicates how to proactively identify risks and hazards before they eventually happen and become a big consideration to an organization (Shappel & Wiegmann, 2000). With the global business changes and the development of the modern organization, it has kind of become a regulation that before any company or business organization is legally considered safe for operation, there be a stated safety management system as a form of a reassurance that the risks that might be experienced by individuals while working for the organization are well informed to the management and that they are ready to mitigate. There actually are legal provisions and government recommendations and framed mechanisms to guide organizations on how to set their safety goals, plan for them, and measure the performance of the system (McDonald, Corrigan, Daly, & Cromie, 2000). Implicatively, an SMS is part and parcel of any given organization and in fact, defines the kind of operation and association the organization has and therefore every employee within the organization holds the responsibility of enforcing the frameworks for the well being of the business operations for the organization (Shappel & Wiegmann, 2000). In the aviation industry, SMS is a global standard that every industry player has to meet before they are officially licensed to operate and is closely monitored by global authorities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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