Recomedation to Managers Who Feel Stuck or Underutilized in their Jobs - Essay Example

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This essay stresses that many companiespigeon hole older employees and fail to entrust them with new challenges and opportunities to expand their experience. The managers are labeled as good for certain tasks or jobs and are passed over for new opportunities and promotions…
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Recomedation to Managers Who Feel Stuck or Underutilized in their Jobs
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Extract of sample "Recomedation to Managers Who Feel Stuck or Underutilized in their Jobs"

Many companiespigeon hole older employees and fail to entrust them with new challenges and opportunities to expand their experience. The managers are labeled as good for certain tasks or jobs and are passed over for new opportunities and promotions, in favor of younger employees. This may lead to a situation where the managers feel stuck in their jobs or are underutilized. Since employee development is a shared responsibility of both the individual employee and the management (Noe, 2010). Managers in this class should play their role by being proactive.When faced with such a situation these managers should take initiative to seek horizontal movement into new positions within their organization that will broaden their experience and keep them challenged and motivated.

Vertical Mobility
At this stage in life, children would have grown up and left home. This allows such managers’ to do things they would not do when they were younger. (Hymowitz, C 2003).The managers are not tied down to geographical areas or neighborhoods, it is possible to accept overseas posting or to new environments within their own country. The managers are seasoned, experienced and have in-depth knowledge of the working of the company. This allows them to seek new opportunities of opening and running overseas company branches or newly acquired businesses. Many companies utilize managers who are at this stage of company development to integrate newly acquired businesses. (Hymowtiz, C. 2003)
Latent Skills
In midlife, some neglected or latent parts of the self-begin to bubble up and be manifest. Managers who feel stuck in their jobs should utilize their new personality traits to seek out more challenging opportunities to utilize their skills in combination with these new personality traits.
Career Renewal
Managers who feel underutilized should be creative and carefully plan how to renew their careers with support of their immediate supervisors.Constantly thinking of new ideas and seeking different approaches to solving problemsand going to the immediate supervisor with specific practicable suggestions will help in shinning the spotlight on the development needs. These managers may solicit for opportunities to review or develop company policies, as their opinions and perspectives on processes, problems and important issues are greatly valued.
New skills and mentoring
Managers who feel stuck in their jobs should join training programs and aim to improve their overall development; they should acquire new skills, techniques and develop a variety of specialties that will open new avenues for challenging and motivating opportunities. Managers who feel underutilized should be given additional responsibilities, they should be appointed to mentor and share their knowledge and experiences with the younger generations (HYmotiz, 2003). They should be encouraged to network with colleagues and professional peers outside the organization.
Goal congruence
Continuing career development can be maintained by discussing the manager’s future career development goals. The human resources manager will then review the goals and endeavor to match them with the emerging opportunities that are within the manager’s capabilities. When the manager’s development goals are seen to rhyme with the managers own it becomes a good motivator Read More
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