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Building High-Performance People and Organizations - Case Study Example

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The author of this case study entitled "Building High-Performance People and Organizations" focuses on the success of businesses in the global market which is highly depended on their ability to develop effective performance management strategies. …
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Building High-Performance People and Organizations
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Extract of sample "Building High-Performance People and Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages Two firms that have adopted performance management strategies for increasing employee motivation are used as examples for exploring the above issues: Nandos, a well-known restaurant chain, and Ginsters, a firm operating in the food industry. It is made clear that each firm can use different approaches for promoting employee performance and engagement. The effectiveness of these approaches can be affected by a series of factors, which can be common in firms operating in different industries.
Different views have been developed in the literature in regard to the necessity of strategies for enhancing employee motivation. Griffin and Moorhead (2011) note that employee motivation needs to be a core part of all firms’ human resource management (HRM) strategy since employee motivation is related to employee performance, being able to influence organizational performance. This means that managers should focus on employee motivation on a continuous basis and not only when problems appear in regard to employees’ performance (Griffin and Moorhead 2011). At the same time, employee motivation is a prerequisite for high employee performance (Griffin and Moorhead 2011). In this context, the efforts of organizations to keep the motivation of their employees at high levels can be fully understood (Griffin and Moorhead 2011).
At this point, it should be noted that the need for keeping employee motivation high within the organization is reflected in theories developed in this field. Reference can be made, as an example, to the ‘equity theory of motivation’ (Griffin and Moorhead 2011, p.117), which suggests that ‘people want to be treated fairly’ (Griffin and Moorhead 2011, p.117). It is derived that by supporting employee motivation a firm can secure the high performance of its employees, at the level that the latter would feel that they ‘are treated fairly’. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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