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Business Management Practice in Korea - Assignment Example

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The aim of this paper “Business Management Practice in Korea” is to find out the best possible business management practice. It has been seen that in the time of the global financial crunch some of the Asian countries survived the financial punch…
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Business Management Practice in Korea
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Download file to see previous pages The most of the countries in Asia follow the teachings of Confucius. The traditional approaches towards the culture and business had given a great outcome to some of the Asian countries. However, the organizational theories of F.W. Taylor, E.G. Mayo, A. Maslow, F. McGregor and F. Herzberg have a great importance in the recent business organizations. The motivational factors are changing. Money is not the only factor for motivating employees; there are some factors like job satisfaction, recognition and hygiene are very important. This paper will try to rectify all the important aspects of these traditional business practice approaches.
The aim of the paper is to investigate the proper way of practicing the management to achieve the best possible outcome. The recent business scenarios are very much focused on the positive outcomes. However, the present scenario in the business culture is changing and it is changing with the improvisation of the proper blend of traditional organizational behavioral approaches and the modern culture. Different countries have a different approach towards the corporate behaviors. The basic factors are same to justify the suitable organizational behaviors. Successful business management usually requires the implementation of an appropriate management structure and culture together with effective methods of managing the behavior and attitude of the business workforce. This particular paper would make an attempt to find out all the aspects of the organizational behavioral approaches of the work of F.W. Taylor, E.G. Mayo, A. Maslow, F. McGregor and F. Herzberg.
Since the last few decades, United States of America (USA) has shown a great endeavor towards the business growth and improvements.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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